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prooV is the smarter, faster, fully-secure way for the public sector to evaluate and adopt the right new technology.

prooV’s end-to-end solution empowers organizations to run multiple proof-of-concepts from multiple vendors simultaneously. By centralizing the PoC process, prooV dramatically shortens the time from discovery to deployment, so the organization can adopt new technology while it is still new. prooV’s patented mirroring technology for data, API calls and traffic, enables effective evaluation while always staying regulation compliant. The smart integration technology, behavioral prediction analytics, and other breakthrough features offer game-changing insights and significantly higher benefit from the PoC.

With the prooV PoC platform, clients define their own technical and organizational KPIs to serve as the basis for evaluation and to best aid decision making and successful deployment. The platform also includes modules for red-team testing, user experience testing, and secure deep integration.


  • prooV PoC Platform

    The first and only end-to-end solution for managing proof-of-concepts, that allows users to:

    • Identify and be discovered by PoC-ready vetted vendors offering state-of-the-art solutions for your organization
    • Configure, customize and populate remote, secure and data-rich dedicated PoC environments
    • Analyze, evaluate and compare solutions based on your technical and organizational KPIs
    • Remain regulation compliant, always
    • And more!
  • prooV Lab
    • proov Lab allows you to configure more complex, richer software testing environments with parameters that are not available on our standard PoC platform.
    • For example, with prooV Lab you can test how technologies interact with live directory communications, whether the solutions you are testing can work with legacy APIs, how compatible they are with the existing hardware and software tools in your ecosystem, and more.
  • prooV Red Cloud for Red-Team Testing
    • Tailored, elaborate cloud-based environment, designed to mimic your production environment, but held on a private cloud. It provides you with the flexibility needed to execute complex cybersecurity attacks as part of your initial software evaluation process.
    • As a private cloud, Red Cloud purposely omits all of the cybersecurity protections that come standard with most public clouds. You can therefore execute attacks, in a safe and controlled testing environment, that other public cloud vendors are designed to prevent.
    • Using Red Cloud you are now able to gauge how well solutions you are considering to implement can withstand cyberattacks in an environment that replicates your own.
  • SafeZone: GRC Safety in a Capsule
    • Last mile regulation compliance evaluation solution that allows new technology to be introduced gradually to the actual production environment, without jeopardizing the safety of data.
    • Creates a simulated reality for the newly installed technology, whitewashing API and database credentials and feeding it deep mirrored (LINK) or real data, depending on the customer’s preferences. SafeZone’s unique system will then begin to closely monitor the new technology’s activity and create an easily accessible log on the prooV platform.
    • The logged events can then be gradually released and tested against the heritage environment, making absolutely sure that the company’s data is completely GRC safe.
    • Once you made sure that the new tech fits seamlessly into the legacy environment, there is no need to re-install. The new solution can be released into the system by a click of a button. Only when you feel completely safe, do you have to remove SafeZone.