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prooV is the smarter, faster, fully-secure way for the public sector to evaluate and adopt the right new technology.

prooV’s end-to-end solution empowers organizations to run multiple proof-of-concepts from multiple vendors simultaneously. By centralizing the PoC process, prooV dramatically shortens the time from discovery to deployment, so the organization can adopt new technology while it is still new. prooV’s patented mirroring technology for data, API calls and traffic, enables effective evaluation while always staying regulation compliant. The smart integration technology, behavioral prediction analytics, and other breakthrough features offer game-changing insights and significantly higher benefit from the PoC.

With the prooV PoC platform, clients define their own technical and organizational KPIs to serve as the basis for evaluation and to best aid decision making and successful deployment. The platform also includes modules for red-team testing, user experience testing, and secure deep integration.