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The Mezzanine solution from Oblong Industries is transforming the way people work, collaborate and communicate. Oblong's Mezzanine technology was the inspiration for the computers depicted in the films Minority Report and Jarvis from Iron Man and has its roots in more than two decades of research at MIT. Oblong believes that the era of one human, one mouse, one screen, one machine is giving way to what's next: a fully shared and unified experience among multiple users, devices, screens, and locations, via a groundbreaking spatial interface.

This spatial interface is key to the experience of Mezzanine, our flagship product for conferencing and collaboration. By enabling all participants in a meeting to easily and dynamically contribute multiple content and data streams to a shared digital workspace all at the same time and from several office locations, insights are more easily revealed, and teams are more engaged and productive. In today’s dynamic data environment, context is key, and Mezzanine technology supports fluid work styles, content-rich meetings, and data visualization that helps teams analyze quickly and make faster data-based informed decisions.


Mezzanine Series

Mezzanine is a multi-stream collaboration solution that improves distributed work processes by linking workplace locations and teams together with their tools and content.

Most collaboration tools limit users to working with one document, file, or device at a time. With Mezzanine, multiple users can interactively share their laptop, smartphone, and tablet screen content and applications with anyone, at the same time.

We call this experience Infopresence™. It's the ability for team members to bring their devices and data together in a shared display workspace - and it's the end of geographic location as a barrier to collaboration.

Mezzanine brings unique innovations to video collaboration:

  • Next generation user interface: Mezzanine's spatial wands enable any contributor, regardless of location, to interactively present, scale, and position videos and graphics within the Mezzanine workspace, even from one display wall to another.
  • Infopresence™: Mezzanine provides exactly what traditional conference and telepresence rooms lack: an effective way to engage multiple users in different locations with their content, devices, and data simultaneously.
  • Multi-device Collaboration: Share up to 10 connected devices including in-room PCs, digital media players, and whiteboards. Easily present work from your laptop by plugging in or screen sharing wirelessly.
  • Up to ten devices per room to share their screens together at once, improving real-time collaboration. As a result, team members can spend more time swapping ideas, and less time swapping video cables.

Explore the Mezzanine Series - https://www.oblong.com/mezzanine/series

  • Mezzanine 200 Series
  • Mezzanine 300 Series
  • Mezzanine 600 Series

Mezzanine Features - https://www.oblong.com/mezzanine/features

Mezzanine's versatility and flexibility allow leading companies to utilize our product in different ways that make an impact on businesses bottom line.



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