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Scaling Government Analytics with Predictive AI Modeling Software

Modzy® is a leading ModelOps platform to run, use, and manage Artificial Intelligence (AI) models at scale. Modzy helps government and private-sector customers meet the challenge of rapidly deploying models in minutes, with tools to easily integrate AI capability into mission critical systems and applications. In the cloud, on-prem, SaaS, or at the edge, Modzy enables cross-team collaboration, management, and governance of trusted AI. Leveraging embedded security, patent-pending adversarial defense, and explainability for model predictions, customers quickly reap the value of AI at enterprise scale. Modzy’s Marketplace also offers vetted, trusted, and ready-to-deploy, pre-trained and retrainable AI models from leading machine learning companies. Accelerate the deployment of trustworthy AI while increasing transparency and lowering the barriers to adopting and scaling AI.

Modzy improves government efficiency by enabling agencies to fight fraud and abuse, automate back office processes, and inform decision-making. Through the power of AI, Modzy enables faster speed to mission for defense and national security professionals. Modzy provides a common management system for AI models supporting mission applications ranging from overhead imagery and vehicle tracking to language translation and more. Modzy is built on security controls from NIST, FISMA Moderate, and is IL 6 authorization ready. Run and manage AI models with Modzy's powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you capture more value from your machine learning projects.

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