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Hospitals are using the Medigate Device Security and Asset Management Platform to reduce the many risks and inefficiencies created by all the medical and IoT devices connecting to the clinical network.  See how Medigate could help your organization maintain the privacy and integrity of your operations and patient care in this video:




Medigate is Revolutionizing Healthcare Cybersecurity

By adding medical device and clinical workflow proficiencies to general cybersecurity expertise, Medigate is able to give you unparalleled visibility and protection. The Platform accurately detects anomalous behavior and identifies risks in real-time, so you can quickly respond and mitigate threats to effectively defend your clinical network.  See how:

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Why Medigate

The Medigate Difference

With Medigate, you can strengthen your overall security posture, reduce your risks, and maintain the continuity of your operations and patient care. Only Medigate provides:

Use Cases

Operationalize Your Device Data

As a healthcare CISO, CIO or Biomed executive, you know how vital, and how difficult, it is to track, manage and protect all the devices connecting to your clinical network. Many solutions lack the clinical expertise needed to accurately identify device types - making it nearly impossible to effectively inventory and manage assets and put strong safeguards in place to minimize threats, without disrupting ongoing patient care. 

Now you can operationalize your device data to reduce the risks of a breach, increase response times, and raise productivity with automation. See how you can use Medigate to efficiently and effectively establish:

Clinical Cyber Hygiene

You get comprehensive, detailed device inventories that help you optimize ongoing procurement, management and security and ensure ongoing clinical device hygiene.

Operations (SOC)

Medigate also gives your security operations center (SOC) the insights they need into the threats in your environment, in real-time, so action can be taken to protect patient privacy and the personal health information you are dealing with.

Policy Enforcement

Medigate Integrates with your existing NAC, firewall, and SIEM solutions to enhance your overall visibility and improve your security stance, with automated policy enforcement tailored for your specific clinical network.

Asset Management

With Medigate, you know definitively what devices you have and where they are, so you can improve decision-making around asset management, from procurement and maintenance to policy enforcement.  No longer do you need to dispatch teams of people to try to inventory what’s in your facilities.

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