A transportation operating system for powering modern mobility

Imagine all agencies, modes, and operators working in concert to bring about a transportation ecosystem that is socially equitable, environmentally responsible, and user-friendly. This is Lacuna’s highest ambition and the inspiration that powers our work. A remarkable assemblage of experts in technology, mobility, government, city planning, and public policy, we believe deeply in transportation’s extraordinary power to shape and improve human lives—and that we can help usher in a new age through the creation of what we call a Transportation Operating System (tOS). Everything we build is with that end state in mind. That’s why we use open-source components to provide municipalities with software tools to operationalize digital infrastructure and govern transportation dynamically. Through visibility, management, and governance, our digital tools empower cities and airports to better manage the public right-of-way, driving outcomes that matter in a way that’s as economically efficient as possible. The result is a better quality of life for all.

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