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Automated Data Prep, Data Blending and Data Discovery for Big Data Needs in the Public Sector

Data today is large, varied and complex, particularly in the Public Sector. Analytics tools shouldn’t add to the complexity. ClearStory Data’s fully automated, point-and-click solution simplifies data analysis and empowers everyone to quickly discover, prepare and harmonize data from large, diverse data sources to see fast-updating insights in Tableau and other traditional BI solutions.

What normally takes users weeks to achieve in data prep and data blending on large data sources, ClearStory can do in minutes without the need for IT experts.

Government Organizations are harnessing more data and uncovering more insights through ClearStory’s key capabilities including:

  • Out-of-the-box data access: connect to your Databases and other disparate data sources easily and quickly through ClearStory’s native connectors
  • Intelligent Data Inference: ClearStory’s automated data inference speeds data prep, data blending, and data discovery by intelligently inferring semantics across all data values to prep data in minutes for faster insights.
  • Automated Data Blending: ClearStory automates data blending across complex internal and external data sources via its machine-based Intelligent Data Harmonization™ eliminating traditional lengthy data modeling cycles, to further speed insights across more data sources.
  • Smart Data Discovery: Inspects data values, patterns and correlations to further identify the most relevant data and dimensions for exploration and analysis. Immediately spot insights that were previously challenging and highly manual.
  • Data Quality Rationalization and Granular Data Governance: ClearStory Data enables deep inspection of all data and updating data with governance, allowing users to compare and contrast data values from every data source to drive quick insights on key patterns across sources.


Scale to more data, reduce time spent data wrangling and see value faster with ClearStory Data’s unique approach to data preparation, data blending and data discovery. clearstorydata.com

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