Bromium was founded in 2010 with a mission to restore trust in computing. The company's founders, Simon Crosby, and Ian Pratt, have a long and deep history of innovation in virtualization and security. Bromium uses hardware-enforced virtualization-based security to protect your intellectual property from theft via cyber-attacks. We restore productivity because your team members can use apps, download and browse confidently without restriction. With application isolation and control, we contain threats to the endpoint and provide real-time threat intelligence so you can see what's happening without any risk of breach.


Bromium Secure Monitoring™

Improve Performance over Native Systems.

Key Benefits:

  1. Safely access websites without risk of infection
  2. Malicious sites contained & rendered harmless
  3. Protection for the way your users work
  4. Bromium secure platform integration

Key Features:
  1. Protect against malicious URLs and websites
  2. Control over trusted websites
  3. High-performance web browsing
  4. Enterprise browser support

Bromium-protected systems actually improve their resource utilization over native Windows systems that are not protected by Bromium across a range of important metrics.
Including: Improved CPU performance, faster page file access, and increased input/output operations on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Bromium Secure Files™

Interact with Files in the Usual Expected Ways.

Key Benefits:

  1. Safely access files from any inbound source
  2. Malware is contained and rendered harmless
  3. Simplified deployment and management
  4. Bromium secure platform integration

Key Features:

  1. Protect against malicious files
  2. Ingress application and email protection
  3. Secure editing and printing
  4. Granular policy controls

Even though each untrusted file opens within a secure micro-VM, users still have full access to do their jobs-they can read, edit, save, copy, and perform other file actions based on your administrative settings-safe in the knowledge that no malicious activity can ever reach the host PC, the file system, or network resources.

Bromium Secure Browsing™

Secure Platform Integration and Customization

Key Benefits:

  1. Complete attack visibility
  2. Comprehensive protection
  3. Reduced total cost of ownership

Key Features:

  1. Real time monitoring
  2. Application flow analysis
  3. Threat data auditing

Bromium Secure Monitoring integrates with Bromium Secure Files and Bromium Secure Browsing for unmatched protection and visibility. Administrators can customize the threat model, allowing enterprises or government agencies to specify custom rules to flag malicious behavior. This threat model is applied in real time to the Application Flow to identify active malware.



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Bromium Datasheet

Bromium Datasheet

Bromium Datasheet

Bromium Datasheet

The Wanna Decryptor, also known as WannaCry, is an encryption ransomware that will take an end user’s device hostage. It’s designed to block access to your files and demands a ransom of $300-$600 in bitcoin equivalent to regain access to your data. WannaCry malware is a nonpartisan digital weapon...



At Bromium, we encourage our customers to share their threat data. All data is reviewed and triaged by our analysts to provide your organization with actionable insights about recent threats and most notable techniques used by attackers. Find out more about how you can become a part of the threat sh...

Solutions Brief

Bromium Solutions Brief
Bromium protects endpoints using virtualization-based security. Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks by containing each task inside a micro-virtual machine, isolating any malware. Bromium Protected App uses hardware-enforced virtualization on the endpoint, creating total isolation for the client ap...


Bromium co-founder Simon Crosby describes why detection fails and how Bromium provides enterprise-grade security through application isolation.


IT security teams within federal government agencies and their contractors face a daunting series of challenges in securing their networks against modern malware intrusions, including advanced persistent threats (APTs), advanced targeted attacks (ATAs), polymorphic malware, and file-less intrusions....