Boeing's Twister Data Framework® is a suite of software applications allowing organizations to more effectively manage and access data. It includes Twister Data Integrator and Twister Data Server. Twister Data Integrator is a Business Intelligence-enabling application, focused at optimizing the ETL process (Extract, Transform, Load). It is currently being used within the Department of Defense (DoD), the Intelligence Community (IC), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to rapidly and automatically ingest, normalize, tag, format, and correlate heterogeneous data sources and associated metadata. Twister Data Server enables information sharing by making data accessible via federated queries across data sets and networks regardless of location, structure, or complexity. Access to different data sets is mediated and all credentials are managed byTwister Data Server. The query results are collected from each source and combined into either a single result set or multiple results sets.

All applications in Twister Data Framework® operate in a parallel environment, thus are scalable to meet the demands of large data sets and user loads.

Summary Benefits:

  • Easy Integration - based on the Java stack, with an open and extensible API to ease integration
  • Enterprise Ready - designed for Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations
  • Scalable and Massively Parallel - the compute cluster can be easily extended to support additional users and data sets or surge requirements
  • Customer Usability - Twister Graph Designer provides a simple GUI for developing new data flows.
  • Flexible Data Processing - handles streaming data as well as static data, and new data is always available to users
  • Comprehensive Administrative Tools - web-based administrative console allows for easy deployment and management of applications
  • Extensive Customer Support - in addition to a telephone and web-based support, Boeing has cleared engineers who can come on site to make sure that all problems are resolved
  • Wide-ranging Data Management - Twister provides a suite of solutions, enabling Business Intelligence (BI), and combining ETL functions and Federated Query capabilities in a single distribution.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - no additional charges based on numbers of users, volume of data, or number of data stores.

Customer Uses for Twister Data Framework®:

  • Populating data marts or data warehouses
  • Supporting data migration projects
  • Automating unstructured text processing
  • Implementing Federated query capabilities
  • Implementing Cross Domain Query capabilities


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