Avrio Software Solutions for the Public Sector

SIFT™ is a next-generation regulatory compliance and monitoring toolset that discovers, tags, and protects sensitive files across the network.  Core capabilities include:

  • File Protection

    Legal standards have evolved that specifically address the twin and overlapping requirements of data confidentiality and customer privacy. The fines and penalties associated with these standards are becoming increasingly worrisome as caselaw and precedence evolves. SIFT helps ensure your organization complies with all relevant standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, CCPA, and the Privacy Act.

  • File Monitoring

    Whether on-premises or publicly hosted, there is an ongoing need to guard file repositories against data spills. This includes saving or uploading new files, or adding sensitive information to existing files. File content monitoring for data at rest is an extremely important part of an organization’s data access and data protection strategy.

  • File Tagging

    Organizations rely heavily on enterprise search to solve file access issues, however many files are not full-text searchable. This includes pictures, videos, and scanned PDF documents — as well as documents containing pattern-based information like SSNs or credit card numbers. As a result, organizations end up losing potentially valuable data down deep content gravity wells.

  • File Migration

    Every organization has files containing information it considers proprietary or confidential. These documents are most vulnerable when they’re moved to new locations, especially cloud locations that may have different security rules and network accessibility. Content analysis and intelligent file tagging is therefore a critical part of any file migration or management solution.