Streamline Incident Response Management with ServiceNow

Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management Webinar Series for the Public Sector

Time is of the essence when lives are at stake during hazardous events. To effectively prevent and recover from risk incidents, first responders must have actionable data intelligence that informs critical decision-makers. ServiceNow provides cloud-based incident management software that automates digital workflows so U.S. Federal Government and healthcare systems can efficiently respond to a crisis before disaster strikes Watch the webinar series to discover the power of ServiceNow’s incident response and disaster recovery solutions in various emergency management scenarios.

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Session 1: Scale Disaster Response: Rapid Development & Deployment of Mission Critical Applications

Learn how to leverage ServiceNow’s intuitive AI-powered, low-code platform for emergency evacuation and resettlement programs.

Session 2: Asset and Fleet Management

See how ServiceNow can track assets from firearms to radios to fleet vehicles in a single dashboard to simplify asset inventory and budgeting for your agency.

Session 3: Accelerating Emergency Response Requests

Learn how ServiceNow can be utilized to support and coordinate complex response requests and humanitarian relief during emergencies and crisis.

Session 4: Decision Support Workflows

See how one law enforcement agency uses ServiceNow to mitigate decision risk for more informed real-time decisions.

Session 5: Incident Procurement

Via a demo, learn how ServiceNow’s procurement source-to-pay capability can help with material acquisition, accountability, and reimbursement after a critical incident.

Session 6: Real-Time Resource Tracking

Walk through a solution that connects dispatchers to warehouse managers to get a unified view of what resources are available where, including tracking resources in use during and incident.

Session 7: Firefighter Wellness Center

Learn how ServiceNow can improve firefighter wellness through a secure digital customer service desk - purpose-built to quickly and efficiently match firefighters and their families to the help, benefits, resources, and support they need - including housing loans, mental health resources, and more.

Session 8: Fleet Request and Consumption

Manage consumption and replenishment during a disaster to ease invoicing and reimbursement. See a demo of an app that allows employees to request check-in and check-out of fleet assets such as planes and trucks. In a single platform, employees can submit usage data which is then pushed to invoicing and other related systems.

ServiceNow Partners with Carahsoft to Provide Emergency Management Solutions

Carahsoft, the U.S. Public Sector IT Distributor, offers ServiceNow solutions via contract vehicles such as GSA Schedule 70, DOD ESI BPA and NASA SEWP V. Discover how Carahsoft partners with ServiceNow to accelerate emergency response management by shortening disaster recovery times in the public sector. Fill out the form to access the recordings or click here to register for upcoming sessions.