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Enabling COVID-19 Response: Productivity Tools

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      Adobe Document Cloud (DC) transforms the way organizations manage day-to-day document processes – making in-person requirements a thing of the past. With the combined powers of Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign, users can create 100% digital workflows, collaborate seamlessly, and continue operations - from anywhere they are - with trusted and legal e-signatures.
      • Try Adobe Acrobat DC Pro or Adobe Sign for free for up to 7 days and call us at 877-992-3632 oremailus to request an extended free trial period!
      • To schedule an Adobe Document Cloud, Acrobat, or Sign demo contact the Adobe team at Carahsoft at 877-992-3623
      • Watch our on-demand webinar series,Integrated Paperless Processes From Start to Finish, to discover how your agency can accelerate document processes with integrated and innovative PDF technology, allowing for enhanced digital experiences, improved internal efficiencies, and assured security and compliance for the citizens and employees you serve.
      • Join our dailyAdobe Document Cloud demosfor tips and tricks, whether you are a new or seasoned user!
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      The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is a modern, enterprise-class, cloud-native platform that enables organizations to build digital operations to deliver instant services with exceptional experiences. It provides the fastest path for people to interact with information and for organizations to quickly respond to threats, opportunities and circumstances.

      Alfresco is providing unlimited access for 90 days to Alfresco University--our education portal--to support technologists and our existing customers who are looking to leverage a digital business platform to support application modernization, shared services, information governance and records management or other types of build. Additionally Alfresco is providing 30-day trials to the government in support of this education. For more information on these special offers, contact the Alfresco team at Carahsoft at (703) 871-8570

      View theInformation Governance Simplifed datasheetfor more information

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      Alteryx is a leader in data science and self-service analytics with a platform and we believe the power of analytics can serve as a critical driver in reaching a solution to this global pandemic. We are committed to providing our customers and community members with the support you need, when you need it. 

      We’ve recently introduced new resources to help you get real-time assistance from Alteryx experts, access helpful materials relevant to the analytic challenges you are facing right now, and stay connected in your new work environments.

      • 30-Day Free Trial Alteryx Designer
        For one month we are offering our full product to you, for free, so that you can start solving immediately.Start Solving.

      • Virtual Solution Center (VSC)
        Our newVSCallows you to connect with Alteryx solution experts in real-time. We have a team of people standing by, ready to help you solve your newest analytic challenges, offer use cases and suggestions, and help you leverage the power of Alteryx now, when we’re all faced with more complex problems to solve. The VSC is currently available in English to customers in North and South America across all time zones from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.

      • 90-Day Work-From-Home License
        Current customers are encouraged to contact your account manager to request a 90-day Work-From-Home License oremail Alteryx Fulfillment.

      • Access to Global CommunityStay in contactwith our global community of +150,000 active users.
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      CloudBees offers the most widely used portfolio of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. These tools are the backbone of modern Agile software development and DevOps, allowing developers to focus on what they do best: build stuff that matters. And building stuff that matters is now more important than ever before.

      To help agencies innovate and deliver new software capabilities faster and more safely, CloudBees is offering the following:

      • Discounts onVirtual Instructor-Led Courses of Technical Training:Available as individual classes and as an enterprise subscription for your entire agency.
      • Up your skills withFree CloudBees University:Sign up today to expand your skillsets on DevOps and Jenkins through the online training courses in CloudBees University, and help your agency have an impact by delivering better software faster.
      • Reduced prices onJenkins Certification Exams:Get certified and be part of the movement to build stuff that matters, using CI/CD and modern development practices.

      For more information, contact the CloudBees team at Carahsoft at (877) 742-8468

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      Government agencies are able to connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements allowing public servants to focus on their mission instead of paperwork. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. DocuSign is FedRAMP authorized and listed on the FedRAMP marketplace with a Government Community Cloud deployment model. Today, more than 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify people's lives.

      DocuSign is offering free trials for new customers. Contact the DocuSign team at Carahsoft at 877-733-2007 ordocusign@carahsoft.comsolutions that enable a remote workforce. For more information related to OMB’s most recent guidance related to electronic signatures as a critical component of telework, refer toWhite House Memorandum M-20-19.

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      GitLab is a single application built from the ground up for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle for Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams to work concurrently on the same project. As the world’s largest all-remote company, GitLab is now sharing its expertise in managing its team and workflows to help agencies and organizations working remotely.

      Download GitLab’s completeRemote Playbook,the most comprehensive remote work guide available and 100% free. The Playbook will help you:

      • Learn how the world’s largest all-remote company manages our team and workflows
      • Understand the key steps every remote worker and manager should take now
      • Get tried-and-tested tactics for building remote fluency in your organization

      Selectthis optionto utilize the GitLab tool free of charge for 30 days. Try our features and user experience. You can also install GitLab on your own infrastructure or in our public cloud environment. For more information, contact the GitLab team at Carahsoft at (877) 742-8468

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      HashiCorp delivers cloud infrastructure automation for operations, security, networking, and application delivery. Our tools provide a control plane for each layer of the cloud, enabling enterprises to make the shift to a cloud operating model to lead transformation.
      In addition, HashiCorp maintains deep and broad partnerships across the entire ecosystem of infrastructure vendors so you can support your environment the way you want with:
      • Standardized workflows and secure automated dynamic deployment to reduce errors, risk, and costs commonly encountered with complex on demand hybrid computing environments.
      • Dynamically delivered on-demand computing resources, securely, from most any provider and location greatly increasing capabilities while reducing delivery time, risks and costs.
      • Automated processes that can help organizations deliver predictable, efficient, rapid deployment and management of new increased computing requirements for the remote shift.

      To enable agencies interested in exploring the value of HashiCorp, particularly in support of COVID19 response initiatives, Hashicorp is offering free training for Terraform or Vault Solutions. For more information on this special offer, contact the HashiCorp team at Carahsoft at (703) 871-8570;or download our whitepaper:Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model.

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      LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn’s online learning platform dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals by providing them access to world-class content featuring more than 13,000 courses across business, creative and technical categories. Whether you're well-versed or new to remote work, optimize the productivity and training of you and your distributed team members when working remotely with LinkedIn Learning.
      • To schedule a LinkedIn Learning demo or learn more about accessing additional content on LinkedIn Learning, contact the LinkedIn Learning team at Carahsoft at (703) 673-3570
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      With more government employees working from home than ever before due to COVID-19, networks are feeling the impact. Make sure your agency’s network infrastructure is capable of providing sufficient bandwidth and can identify bottlenecks rapidly by “stress testing” with the Network Operations Management suite (NOM).

      NOM enables you to manage, automate, and ensure compliance of virtual networks by streaming NNMi Performance Data to your Business Value Dashboards. Reference this use caseto learn how to build a new data channel solution to visualize performance metrics.

      For more information,visit the Micro Focus Government Solutions for COVID,or contact the Micro Focus Government Solutions team at Carahsoft at (703) 230-7597 or

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      Data and technology are critical to detecting, understanding and stopping the spread of COVID-19. To support the organizations and developers doing this work, MongoDB is making its Atlas database-as-service credits available for free. Build on MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed database-as-a-service, to easily scale and manipulate your agency’s data.

      To apply to the Atlas credit program and take advantage of MongoDB’s technical staff’s know to get these important projects up and running quickly, completethis application. Qualified applications intended to help fight this COVID-19 battle will receive credits to build on Atlas now and at no cost.

      For more information, contact the MongoDB team at Carahsoft at (703) 673-3604 Read more about this program:Helping Developers Tackle COVID-19.

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      The NVIDIA Parabricks Genomics Analysis Toolkit breaks down time and cost barriers, providing GPU-accelerated genomic analysis. Data that once took days to analyze can now be done in under an hour. Choose to run specific accelerated tools or full commonly used pipelines with outputs specific to your requirements.

      NVIDIA is providing afree, 90-day Parabricks licenseto all organizations doing research on the novel coronavirus. Parabricks enables GPU-accelerated GATK and is separate from the fold at home initiative.

      For more information, view the following:

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      In response to current events, Red Hat is evolving the way it delivers expertise to its customers and partners. Red Hat is now offering several incentives to help organizations automate to focus on the top priorities and has expanded and scaled up its ability to deliver live virtual training classes as an alternative for in-person training events.
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      As call volumes to government service call centers increase, Salesforce provides capabilities to allow self-service knowledge, self-service case entry, and AI driven Bots to defer call and handle routine requests and inquires.

      Social Studio can identify relevant COVID-19 and Coronavirus conversations across the social and digital web to deliver both high-level and actionable insights to social media team and agents.

      Use Quip to embed real-time document collaboration inside Salesforce, so your teams can easily create, discuss, and execute on emergency response plans and communications.

      For more information, contact the Salesforce team at Carahsoft at (703)-871-8655 or check out the resources below.

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      SAP was founded nearly 48 years ago with a very clear purpose: to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Right now, more than ever, we are leading through our purpose. SAP is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on businesses at a time where supply chain and business travel disruption is very real.

      SAP has made the following offerings available immediately, at no cost:

      SAP Ariba Discovery
      Access to SAP Ariba Discovery will help buyers and suppliers connect quickly and effectively, and minimize disruption caused by shipment delays, capacity issues and increased consumer demand in times of crisis.
      For 90 days, beginning March 10, 2020, we areopening access to SAP Ariba Discoveryso any buyer can post their immediate sourcing needs and any supplier can respond to show they can deliver. Free to post. Free to respond. Open to everyone. For more information please contact:sap@carahsoft.comor (703) 871-8545.

      SAP Litmos
      The ready-to-watch video-based courses are designed to help establish best practices for remote work, maintain the highest levels of hygiene and mental wellness for workers, and develop leadership during times of change and challenge.
      To help support businesses that are having to work remotely, SAP Litmos is offering a completely freeRemote Readiness & Productivity Academy,with training content for anyone, anytime, anywhere. For more information please contact:sap@carahsoft.comor (703) 871-8545.

      Ruum by SAP
      These custom templates can be easily used by businesses, nonprofits, families, individuals, or anyone who needs a starting point to create a plan. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear around the world right now as we collectively fight COVID-19. Opening access to SAP technology is a clear way we can help address these global challenges.
      A lightweight project management and collaboration tool to optimize processes,Ruum by SAPhas created two custom checklist templates, adapted from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)to help businesses and individuals plan, prepare, and respond to COVID-19. For more information please contact:sap@carahsoft.comor (703) 871-8545.

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      Smartsheet Gov is a secure, enterprise-grade platform designed specifically for government agencies, built on AWS GovCloud (US) and is the first FedRAMP authorized collaborative work management platform. The Smartsheet cloud-based work management platform enables your teams and agency to collaborate with speed and accountability, and get real-time visibility into what matters most, to make better decisions faster.

      Smartsheet has also released a set of free templates for any organization modeled after assets Smartsheet built internally that can be used to create a COVID-19 operations dashboard. The dashboard serves as an information hub and resource center for employees and can help any organization understand and assess risks and collect data on needs or health changes in their population.

      Additional Resources:

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      UiPath (RPA) software mimics human behavior; creating a digital that allows you respond to COVID19 at the speed of digital. 69 federal, 6 state, 3 city, and counties agencies plus 15 institutions of higher learning trust UiPath. Our end to end RPA platform has been called upon to help diagnose X-rays, helped Cleveland Clinic rapidly address COVID19 testing stations, can be used as an intake platform for SNAP, unemployment or small business loans or license and applicant renew processes. Quickly added to an agency call center RPA can reduce agent call times improving the throughput of your new telework workforce. RPA is a software platform that can extend your human workforce freeing them to focus on people while computers perform computer tasks.

      Ready to support with a variety of solutions to support agencies and partners reacting to COVID-19. On a case-by-case basis software and professional services can be coordinated to ensure immediate support to ensure agencies and partners can create and operate UiPath robots to all them to support mission activities.

      Check out the UiPath Automation Resources for more information, or contact