What is LinkedIn and what does it offer?

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network and represents the single largest pool of professional talent anywhere in the world.

As of April 2022, LinkedIn has 830 million global members, 208 million in North America, 120K educational institutions have a LinkedIn presence. Professionals join LinkedIn at a rate of 130 per minute. In January 2022, 6 people were hired every minute on LinkedIn:

  • 57 Million companies are on LinkedIn
  • 50 million weekly job seekers
  • 17,600 courses within LinkedIn Learning
  • +120k universities, specialty schools, and high schools
  • Over 39k skills are mapped through LinkedIn skills taxonomy

LinkedIn members rely on the site for these primary uses:

  • Identity: they use LinkedIn as their professional profile of record. It is a dynamic portfolio of their professional lives, experiences, positions, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Network: they use LinkedIn to connect with people and organizations in order to excel in their current role or to find new opportunities.
  • Knowledge: they use the site to connect with information and content relevant to their professional lives. LinkedIn is one of the largest publishers of digital professional content anywhere on the web.

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