Micro Focus Government Solutions is a purpose-built, mission focused company that serves US public sector clients. A company anchored by success in the IT industry, Micro Focus Government Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your organization bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern innovation. Backed by one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world, Micro Focus, we help solve critical IT challenges with software solutions in Hybrid IT, DevOps, Security & Risk, and Predictive Analytics.

Big Data

We make the possibilities of data tangible for your agency today. Whether it's finding mission-critical agency insight or creating a foundation for growth, our big data software offers you a history of expertise and comprehensive solutions to help your organization build a bridge to tomorrow through a data-driven foundation. Our analytics and big data software lets you securely store, explore, and analyze all data types at unlimited scale.

I need to…

  • Organize and analyze all data
    • Allow your business to manage and analyze all your data with the performance you need and the economics you expect, forever free from underlying infrastructure.
  • Add the latest innovations while keeping preferred tools
    • Be confident that your investments are protected but you’ll always be able to integrate new technologies. We design with an open architecture and a commitment to open source integration.
  • Meet business SLAs and near-real-time performance expectations
    • Gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x-1,000x faster than legacy data warehouse solutions.
  • Store and analyze data without necessary movement or costs
    • Choose HDFS and multiple cloud object stores to store and back up your cooler data while leveraging the same advanced analytics functions you use for your hottest business data.
  • Predict the future of our business with machine learning
    • Perform all data preparation and advanced-model creations on massive datasets with optimized MPP distributed algorithms via SQL with no data movement.
  • Proactively protect the business
    • Gain visibility into users, network, data, and applications to anticipate recognize, and mitigate security threats.
  • Find and resolve root causes faster
    • Help IT identify insights hidden in system silos to resolve root causes of failures faster and improve operational performance by using predictive analytics.

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An open, intelligent, and comprehensive approach to “Secure the New”

Conquer your digital transformation to deliver security intelligence and risk management at the core of everything you do. Secure applications and data, drive identity-centric controls and intelligence, and leverage powerful analytics to detect known and unknown threats. Micro Focus’ solutions comprise a best-in-class, enterprise-grade security platform with built-in scalability and analytics to drive the Future of Security.

Our innovations include: native, real-time log parsing, security data enrichment and normalization; built-in security analytics and enhanced dashboards; intelligent real-time event data from Azure Active Directory to SIEM solutions; data-centric security hosted by AWS; and secure application testing both in DevOps and in production.

I need to...

  • Detect known and unknown threats in my enterprise

o Leverage intelligent security operations software that gives you the broad visibility you need to find and mitigate threats more effectively.

  • Centrally manage identities to improve security

o Build identity relationships between all users, devices, things, and services under management, whether on your premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid infrastructures. With an identity-centric approach, you can build secure access to sensitive information at scale.

  • Reduce organizational risk and monitor privileged accounts

o Grant only the privileges users need, when they need them. Track privileged activities, manage controls, and record account activities for all credential-based systems across physical and virtual environments.

  • Track system configuration changes to guard against threats

o Capture sources of context to protect critical assets by quickly identifying and resolving changes, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in your current security configurations.

  • Have frictionless authentication and authorization controls

o Deliver a frictionless user experience for more-secure access to sensitive information via an intelligent, business-aligned approach to access management. Strengthen authentication without restricting productivity.

  • Perform application security testing

o Find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, using static and dynamic application security testing.

  • Secure data at rest, in transit, and in use

o Apply data-centric security to protect sensitive information everywhere.

  • Protect my corporate devices and data

o Enjoy secure, identity-based protection for all your endpoints.

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IT Operations Management

Modern IT operations management tools bridge the gap between traditional IT, the new digital enterprise, and fast paced mission-critical initiatives in a straightforward way. Accelerate IT to the speed of DevOps with easier, faster, and transformative IT Operations Software.

  • Consumable Suites

    Hybrid Cloud Management – Facilitate continuous delivery for traditional and cloud-native services and applications.

    Operations BridgeAutomate IT monitoring, event management, and analytics for hybrid IT.

    Data Center AutomationDeliver analytics-driven infrastructure management and process orchestration.

    IT Service Management Automation – Accelerate delivery, improve user experience, and lower service desk costs.

  • Container Deployment Foundation

    Through containers and orchestration, ITOM Container Deployment Foundation tools can be delivered, installed, scaled and updated in minutes or hours – a fraction of the time of traditional and SaaS alternatives.

    • Capabilities are implemented as pre-integrated Docker
      containers and microservices, leveraging shared services.
    • Suites are easy to install, maintain and patch with zero
      downtime upgrades.
    • Auto-scaling occurs in minutes, with built-in HA/DR,
      self-healing and secure capabilities.
    • Kubernetes orchestration layer handles container
      clusters at scale.
    • Flexible deployment includes on-premise, in public
      cloud, and private cloud.
  • Analytics & ChatOps

    New dynamic applications and infrastructures transform IT Operations into analytics driven, intrinsically automated, and increasingly collaborative environments, making IT smarter and more responsive.

    • Pervasive Analytics drive proactive and predictive capabilities, delivering early warning, in-depth analysis and automated remediation of issues.
    • ChatOps drives highly collaborative interactions within IT and DevOps Teams.
    • Container Lifecycle Management provides design, deployment, provisioning, monitoring and configuration management for containerized applications.
    • Business Value Dashboards deliver exceptional insight and user engagement.

Backup and Governance

Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to protect the digital enterprise from risk and empower data-driven agencies to harness value from all of their information.

Backup and governance solutions from Micro Focus provide a comprehensive approach to protect the digital enterprise from risk, and empower data-driven businesses to harness value from 100% of their information.

Information Management and Governance: The New Business Imperative

Micro Focus Information Management and Governance solutions help organizations access and understand information; organize, control and protect data; and intelligently manage and take action in accordance with business needs – keeping your organization running smoothly.

Know exactly what you need? Take a look at our entire Backup and Governance portfolio.

Application Delivery Management software

Discover industry leading solutions that help your agency or organization deliver amazing user experiences across technologies with quality, speed, and confidence, accelerating the planning, testing, delivery, and support of optimized applications.

DevOps & Continuous Testing

Your Agile teams need to deliver quality at the speed of business. You can achieve both by shifting testing earlier in your app lifecycle and integrating testing continuously into your DevOps Pipeline. Our test automation software speeds your test development and simplifies your execution while extending your investment in open source and DevOps tools.

  • Behavior-driven development (BDD) capabilities empower teams to define tests earlier in the lifecycle.
  • Automated testing that uses open source unit test
    frameworks accelerates test creation and eases maintenance.
  • Automated functional and performance testing
    integrated into your CI pipeline supports teams to test continuously.
  • With the ability to continually assess results, refine, and
    optimize, you can map quality to your definition of done.

Predictive Application Lifecycle Management

You need a new approach to Application Lifecycle Management for today’s software complexity. A predictive ALM platform built on an open architecture ties together the capabilities and data your teams need to predict and optimize.

Hybrid Delivery

Create the perfect match between your application delivery management processes, resources, cost constraints and goals. Choose between SaaS, private, virtual private and public cloud-based PPM, ALM and testing solutions.

  • On-Premises or cloud-based offerings for ALM and functional, performance and security testing arms you with a flexible, on-demand dev and test environment.
  • Rapid provisioning and scalability for application, service, and user device testing both On-Premises or in the cloud speeds your time to market.
  • Built in Service & Network Virtualization breaks down the obstacles for continuous development and testing, even in the face of constrained resources.
  • Intelligent Application Performance management focuses testing where it matters most and keeps the pulse on user experience.


As Agencies begin to implement their FITARA Roadmaps, Micro Focus can help reduce cost and significantly speed the time to value. The Micro Focus Category Management Offering helps GSA eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, and deliver more value and savings from acquisition programs and contribute progress towards category management goals/objectives. The Micro Focus solutions provide the best-in-class technology to the federal government.

Carahsoft and Micro Focus are offering discounted packages for purchases made prior to the end of the government fiscal year.

Key business areas

  • FITARA Software License Management Enablement: Pre-configured package to help agencies enable enterprise software license management required by OBM M-16-12. The bundles include Micro Focus’ Discovery and Universal Configuration Management Database, Hardware/Software Asset Management and our IT Business Analytics products coupled with initial services required to assist agencies in enabling software asset management.
  • FITARA Incremental Development Enablement: Pre-configured packages to help agencies enable Agile best practices, reduce cost and improve the speed and quality of application releases. Choose from select groupings of Agile Manager, Quality Center/ALM, UFT, Performance Center, Network Virtualization and Mobility Center. All offerings includes our IT Business Analytics software to provide executive dashboards, metrics and progress reports towards Agency FITARA cost saving goals.
  • FITARA IT Portfolio Savings Enablement: Pre-configured package to help agencies optimize, manage and reduce the cost of IT and meet established IT Portfolio Savings goals. The bundle includes enterprise architecture/mapping, application rationalization, portfolio and Program/Project management products integrated with our IT Business Analytics for financial tracking and reporting on IT cost savings.
  • FITARA Data Center Automation: Pre-configured package of Micro Focus automation products required for automating common network, server and infrastructure tasks to reduce the cost of operations (Cloud, Network & Server Automation and Orchestration).
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: NNMi, Operational Analytics, SiteScope, Storage Operations Management.


The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) represents the first major overhaul of Federal information technology in over 20 years. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been assisting agencies with this new reform to ensure that it is applied government-wide in a consistent and efficient manner.

To view the latest FITARA scorecard of government agencies, click here.

Click here to watch the archived recording of our FITARA webcast. Learn how Micro Focus solutions can help your agency comply with FITARA goals.


GSA Schedule Contracts

FITARA Category Management

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021

GSA Schedule 36

GSA Schedule No. 47QSWA18D008F Term: August 22, 2018 - August 21, 2023

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021

SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020

Federal Contracts


ITES-SW Contract # W52P1J-15-D-0008 Term: March 2015 - March 2020

ESI BPA Contracts

Department of Defense ESI BPA Contract # N00104-13-A-ZF46

BPA # N00104-13-A-ZF46 Term: through December 31, 2018

State & Local Contracts

City of Seattle Contract

Contract #0000003265 Term: December 19, 2021


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through March 31, 2022

eVA- Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution

Vendor ID #: E51768

Fairfax County IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Virginia- Fairfax County CONTRACT EXPIRATION: October 4, 2020 (with 5 option years)

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

Term: through November 30, 2021

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA - TCPN)

Term: through May 31, 2019 (with 2 option renewal years)

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Through May 31, 2019 (with 2 option years)

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Texas DIR Contract: DIR-TSO-4288 Contract Period: Through February 21, 2021 (with 2 option years)


Contract Number: UVA1482501 Term: May 2, 2014– December 19, 2021


Archived Events



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Network Operations Management is a single platform for network configuration and status.Network engineering and operations teams face a complex, moving target. But unfortunately, they're typically armed with only a disparate collection of management tools-with little or no integration. Network teams...

This in-depth whitepaper will give you a complete overview to Micro Focus' ALM Octane and ALM Quality Center. Want the roadmap to succeed in the journey to Agile and DevOps? Fill out your information and access the 12 page white paper here!


Is your performance testing as accurate as it could be? The increasingly distributed nature of applications and their users has created a significant burden on the networks and infrastructures required to continually deliver data and meet end user performance expectations. To manage this burden, app...

Micro Focus Data Protection is an enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. Built on an adaptive architecture that combines security and analytics, it enables customers to meet their continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.

Healthcare organizations cannot afford to transition to the cloud if they cannot adequately protect those records from unauthorized access, improper use or data breaches.

Micro Focus Fortify on Demand (FoD) delivers application security as a service, providing customers with the security testing, vulnerability management, expertise, and support needed to easily create, supplement, and expand a Software Security Assurance program. Access this data sheet to explore all...

Micro Focus SiteScope, part of Operations Bridge, offers agentless application monitoring that provides heterogeneous and hybrid support, quick time to value, and easy installation and configuration.

The Micro Focus(r) Hybrid Cloud Management suite provides DevOps-driven hybrid and multi-cloud management, IT process orchestration and application release automation for organizations that want to master any cloud, any environment and any technology to accelerate time to market for any application.

Micro Focus® Data Security is a technology leader in data-centric security and encryption solutions for government. With over 80 patents and 51 years of expertise, we protect government institutions the world over and neutralize breach impact by securing sensitive data-at-rest, in-use, and in-motio...

Micro Focus® IDOL is a unified data analytics platform supporting 1000 data formats encompassing text, video, image, and audio content. It enables out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond your firewall, (for example, Documentum, Dropbox, and such) as well as indexes data wit...