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How the State of Utah Migrated to Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

Case Study: Utah’s DTS Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

To thrive in an evolving work environment and attract new talent, the Public Sector is embracing remote work and collaborative practices that will optimize operations and attain new employees. Agencies are modernizing their legacy systems by migrating to the cloud, empowering their workforce to deliver greater service value and increase their organization's appeal for future employees.

Access the Atlassian case study to learn how Utah’s Division of Technology Services (DTS) achieved a successful digital transformation strategy by adopting the Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. Learn how your agency can utilize Utah’s cloud migration strategy to maintain institutional knowledge, attract the next generation of workers and address a resource gap.

Download the State of Utah’s case study to learn about:

How the State of Utah Migrated thumbnail.jpg thumbnail
  • The smart strategy approach DTS took to achieve its cloud migration 2.5 years early
  • The critical Atlassian solutions that transformed Utah’s work processes
  • How a collaborative culture created greater efficiency and transparency
  • The challenges faced by Utah DTS and how they successfully navigated them

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