Transforming Tax Administration with Atlassian

Jira Align Project Management Software for the IRS

Legacy program management systems often lack proactive operational visibility, resulting in workflow bottlenecks that delay service delivery. IRS agencies must ensure deliverables are completed on time and under budget by reducing processing backlogs and tax refund delays with agile project management software.

Tune in to hear Atlassian's Derek Huether, Principal Solutions Engineer, discuss how Jira Align can help the IRS provide clear and timely information to support taxpayers. Atlassian Jira Align software delivers value with an innovative portfolio of service and project management solutions that prioritize collaboration, so employees can focus on completing mission objectives. Discover how Atlassian provides a dashboard that manages status reports and instantly tracks budgets across the software development lifecycle.

Watch the video to explore how Atlassian Jira Align:

Jira Align Preview Video
  • Overcomes integration challenges
  • Enhances team collaboration and visualization
  • Provides data intelligence that increases ROI

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