Atlassian Looking to the Future of DevSecOps and Agile Practices

Looking to the Future of DevSecOps and Agile Practices in Government

Atlassian's Insights from the Carahsoft DevSecOps Conference

Federal agencies are expected to deliver high-value applications quickly while navigating stringent security regulations, departmental silos and legacy systems. To meet expectations, agencies must embrace modern DevSecOps and agile methodologies to develop and deliver quality applications at an accelerated pace. DevSecOps and agile practices allow government agencies to optimize processes, foster cross-departmental communication and empower teams to identify and resolve software issues more efficiently.

At Carahsoft's 2023 DevSecOps Conference, Atlassian's panel explored the details of DevSecOps methodologies and how this can help support government teams as they adopt and optimize their software development processes. The session digest summarizes key takeaways and insights including how to modernize the development lifecycle, enable cross-team collaboration and ensure quality software delivery through CI/CD.

Unlock the session digest from Carahsoft’s 2023 DevSecOps Conference to learn about:

Looking to the Future of DevSecOps and Agile Practices Digest thumbnail
  • The misunderstandings surrounding DevSecOps
  • How DevSecOps is critical to government progression
  • How agencies optimize DevSecOps adoption
  • The evaluation of successful DevSecOps implementation

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