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Recent and ongoing world events have dramatically transformed the way we work. Globally, there is a renewed emphasis on remote work—but are organizations and employees prepared to work remotely? Realistically, remote work needs to be explored in-depth, deploying solutions that allow businesses to keep up with new ways of collaborating and engaging while keeping data safe, accessible and compliant. If this seems overwhelming, don’t panic—Veritas has your back. Here’s how our solutions can empower your organization to thrive in the remote office era.


  • NetBackup

    Unified data protection for the cloud-ready enterprise

    Reliable protection and rapid recovery of business-critical data across hybrid, physical, virtual and multicloud environments while scaling to any size workload and delivering breakthrough capabilities for virtualized and cloud-based deployments.

  • NetBackup Appliances

    Remote data infrastructure management and protection

    NetBackup 5240, 5340 and Flex appliances with their peta-byte scale and performance, built-in hardened security, reliability, remote management and predictive analytics can operate for weeks without on-site support.

  • Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

    Simple, effective disaster recovery with near-zero RPO and RTO

    Seamlessly enable fast, full-restores of systems if the unthinkable happens, minimizing downtime and ensuring data availability—a critical component of successful remote work.

  • Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

    User centric, highly scalable, VPN-free backup solution for Windows and Mac laptops

    Remote office structures have caused a surge in endpoint data volumes—most of that being business-critical.

  • SaaS Backup

    Secure, end-to-end data protection and recovery for SaaS workloads, including Office 365, G Suite, and environments

    Leverage SaaS workload protection without additional overhead hardware or software management.

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  • Backup Exec

    Data protection for virtual, physical and cloud workloads, integrated with Disaster Recovery capabilities for mid-market organizations

    A surge in cloud adoption trends due to increased work-from-home demands requires that data to be protected and easily recoverable. Backup Exec empowers your business to protect your data in the cloud and beyond, as well as empowering disaster recovery to and in the cloud.

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  • Enterprise Vault/Enterprise

    Reliable, secure data archiving on-premises or in the cloud

    Retrieve information transparently and directly from the archive itself, whether on-premises or in the cloud—enabling seamless integration of the archive into a distributed work environment.


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed on March 27, 2020, is meant to provide fast and direct economic assistance for U.S. workers, families and small businesses and preserve jobs for our industries, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. With the enormous amount of pressure on agencies, there is a need for innovation and technology advances to help the government ensure the success of the bill.


  • The Federal Challenge

    The federal government must deal with two connected, yet separate data-centric conditions that challenge leadership’s ability to make intelligent, data-driven decisions: mission assurance and readiness.

    On one hand, the government is creating and ingesting data at an unprecedented rate. The Internet of Things (IoT), connected “smart” devices, critical applications, back-office systems and logistics-linked RFID tags are constantly interacting and collecting thousands of gigabytes of data. According to IDC, there were 2 billion devices in 2006 with a projected 200 billion in 2020 and 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years. This tsunami of data overwhelms the government’s ability to manage, protect, effectively find, parse and use data in an efficient/effective way. Plus doing so is extremely expensive, and the problem will only intensify.

    The immediate need to make intelligent, data-driven decisions has never been greater. Every agency is required to have a rapid but accurate COVID-19 response with regard to mission readiness. Mission-centric examples include mobility status/availability—workers at risk, workers with medical backgrounds and employees in mission-critical positions. What impact will this era of “working from home” impose on the agency’s mission to support veterans, hospitals, medical trial research and outcomes, just to name a few. What is your agency’s priority? And where is the data in this current state of, “We need it now”?

    How to Get Started

    Addressing these problems calls for enterprise-scale data governance. Effective data governance begins with understanding what data you have and where it resides. In other words, there is a need for a real-time inventory and data catalog capable of expanding at enterprise scale. Consider the following key functionality of any such solution:

    • Scale and growth—Software and appliances capable of accommodating the agency’s current enterprise scale (volume) and future growth to the multi-exabyte scale.
    • Data-centric and IT agnostic—The ability to catalog and track all data types, including structured and unstructured data, file/block or object-stored data, imagery, video and voice in any/all formats and in any/all storage infrastructures.
    • Broad, unified data governance
      • Visibility—The ability to see and report on all data types, usage frameworks and storage locations.
      • Accessibility—Defined access and storage paths that include trusted, authorized permissions.
      • Intelligence—Organized and metadata-tagged data that enables you to make data-driven decisions within your agency’s mission context.
      • Linked—Synchronized data that provides the right data across multiple applications and is highly available anytime, anywhere. Streamlined big data analytics that delivers quality data insights that support your agency’s mission.
      • Trusted—Verified data integrity and protection that includes cyber-defense and disaster protection/recovery.
      • Security—The ability to build a dynamic data management strategy that increases your agency’s security posture and ensures your data is available when you need it, protected across the enterprise and provides insights that help make data-driven decisions and reduce costs while optimizing the infrastructure.
    • Policy-aligned—Intelligent, coordinated data policies and best practices that support the Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan.
  • The Veritas Solution

    Due to our current national pandemic, we have all been forced to alter the way we live and work. Within this changing landscape, our needs have shifted because most of us are now required to telework and find new ways to stay connected and increase productivity.

    With most federal employees teleworking, there is a need for technology solutions that can support effective data backup, recovery and protection for mission-critical work to continue despite the circumstances.

    With Veritas, you can be confident in the ability to scale and accommodate an exabyte-level future where your agency isn’t painted into a corner—architecturally, programmatically, policy-wise or otherwise. Consider a future-proof, enterprise-scalable but sustainable path to data governance success that focuses first on data visibility, coupled with discoverability at scale. Then explore the IT-agnostic, site-independent solutions Veritas provides.