Text2Them Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Text 2 Stop it! School Safety program

    Text2Them’s Text2Stop it! program allows your students to anonymously report unsafe activities in their school or dorm by two-way text. Transcripts of conversation are compiled by operators and provided to school administrators for follow-up action.

  • Text CRM/311

    Text2Them gives you the ability to have your community text your department and get the information they need, or speak with a live operator by text. The text conversations can even be transferred to another department. This is how your voice phone systems work; now you can provide this same service by text without upgrading your present system. Studies show that providing the option of text to your 311, or call center operation, can reduce call center costs by over 80%, while providing your community with the communication platform they already prefer.

  • Text Office Communication

    Text2Them allows you to reach your staff and customers by two-way texting. It will improve communication, reach people quicker and get responses faster.

  • Text Marketing

    When it comes to reaching people instantly, text messaging stands alone. Studies show that 95% of recipients will open and read a text within 5 minutes of receipt. This compares to only 15% of emails that are even opened, let alone read. This powerful communication tool can be used to improve awareness of programs, attendance at events and the ability to keep communities informed and engaged on issues they care about.

  • Text Post Disaster Communication

    When disaster strikes, voice lines can become jammed or inoperable because of the high volume of calls or damaged towers. During these times the need to get information to residents, regarding emergency services, such as power restoration and other emergency services, is critical. While many companies give you the capability to send a blast text alert before the storm, Text2Them has created the only 2-way text platform that allows residents to receive those alerts and call for help after the storm when texting may be their only reliable form of communication.

  • NG911 – begin texting to 911 without system upgrades

    The ability to send text messages to 911 can be lifesaving when voice calls are dangerous or impossible to make. Text2Them provides the first text to 911 platform that allows texting to 911 immediately and without costly equipment upgrades. In addition, what do you do with non-emergency text messages? If 911 is the only number that can receive texts during emergencies this will flood PSAPs with non-emergency texts that could, and should, be handled by other agencies. Text2Them now offers you the option to text to 311 as well as 911 without costly system upgrades.

  • Text 2 988 Offers Two Solutions

    We can do it for you, or you can do it using our software

    If you are looking to internally manage your incoming Text 2 988 texts, or looking for someone to handle the incoming texts externally, we can provide the experience and systems to help you with the new FCC-Lifeline Text 2 988 program.

    Text 2 Stop It! Text/Call Center Management

    Many organizations are struggling with how to incorporate the new FCC Text 2 988 Suicide Prevention program with limited call center resources. At Text 2 Stop It! we have been the leader in crisis text communication since 2013 through our partnerships with organizations like yours.

    Our text/call center can manage the initial request for help and then route those texts to your organization for professional follow-up. Contact us to get a quote and begin receiving Text 2 988 messaging today!

    Text 2 Them Software

    We have customized integrations to fit your needs. Text 2 Them crisis management software has been used in K-12 schools, non-profits and government agencies since 2013. Through our partnership with Text 2 Them and Carahsoft, our Crisis Management Software is available on the GSA and other contract vehicles. Now it's available for Text 2 988 deployment.


    • Answer incoming text, voice and web requests for help
    • Route incoming to next available agents
    • Forwarding help request to agents or counselor for specific help needs
    • Agent management to insure balanced workload
    • Scheduling to insure agents are present to receive incoming
    • Extensive reporting history of conversations, volume of calls/texts/web chat
    • Customized integrations to fit your need
    • Set up policies regarding privacy & confidentiality