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March 07, 2016

ExecutiveBiz – Tiffany Goddard: Citizen Engagement Key to Cities’ Public Works, Safety Goals

Tiffany Goddard, a citizen engagement specialist at Carahsoft, has outlined how government organizations and citizens can work together to aid in public safety functions.

Goddard wrote in a blog post published Friday that both public works and public safety organizations believe they need to change how they interact with citizens and information sharing.

She cited Accela as one such company that works with municipalities to share data through cloud computing technologies in order to automate and gain a complete view of public works-related projects.

Accela provides Baltimore a system for permit acquisitions and collaboration between public and private sector companies as part of an effort to uncover and resolve potential conflicts, Goddard said.

Goddard also described how Text2Them helps municipalities to send information to citizens and receive tips via a two-way text communication system.

February 10, 2016

Text2Them Founder Receives Patent for Two-way Mobile to Computer Texting Technology

Text2Them, Inc. announced today that it has received a utility Patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent #9,247,400 entitled SYSTEM FOR ROUTING TEXT MESSAGES (SMS) TO ALLOW FOR TWO-WAY MOBILE TO COMPUTER COMMUNICATION, was issued January 26, 2016. The patent is the first technology to allow mobile users the ability to initiate a text conversation with a business or government agency and have it processed through email/SMTP (xxxxxxxxxx@mycarrier.com).

According to a 2014 Harris Poll “64% of consumers with texting capabilities, would prefer to use texting over voice, as a customer service channel”. However, despite the huge benefits of text communication, inclusive of: citizen engagement, CRM, cost savings, efficiency and emergency communication, business and government agencies, until now, have not had an application that allowed them to embrace the consumer’s desire and need for text communication - especially two ways in emergency situations, when voice lines are jammed!

September 10, 2015

Text2Them Launches New Texting Technology That Enables Communication Following Disasters like Katrina and 9/11

The East Coast Earthquake, Katrina and 9/11, reminds us that government still lacks the ability for citizens to reach government for help following major disasters. Text2Them, Inc. provides the first-of-its-kind post disaster two-way text communication system allowing business and government to function when phones are jammed.

August 24, 2015

Text2Them & Text 2 Stop It! Partners With Carahsoft to Provide Technologies to Combat Bullying, Drugs, Sexual Assaults & Suicides in Schools/Colleges

Text2Them Inc. (http://www.text2them.com) today announced that it has partnered with Carahsoft Technology Corp. (http://www.Carahsoft.com/Text2Them), the trusted government IT solutions provider, to make its patent-pending, two-way messaging technology solutions broadly available to the public sector market. By providing students with the ability to reach their school via anonymous two-way text messaging, Text2Them is combating the growing problems of bullying, campus assaults, drugs, and suicides in schools and colleges.

March 18, 2015

March 2015 Fox 5 News Story

FOX 5 NEWS McKinsey Siwal, a student at Queen Anne’s County High School, speaks on her experience with bullies and her testimony to make two-way text tips mandatory in Maryland schools.