Two-way Text Messaging for Public Safety

While others have developed specific application uses such as Text-a-Tip, Text for Alerts, and Text to 911, etc., Text2Them has developed the first two-way text communication system that incorporates all these applications and more. Text2Them allows customers, clients and employees the ability to reach your organization and receive an auto reply, connect to a live operator and even have the text conversation transferred to another person or department within your agency. This is how your voice phone system works isn’t it? Now your organization can also communicate by text.

The time has come to replace your current texting applications. Elevate text communication beyond current one-way systems to a two-way text communication system that will allow your organization to communicate with your clientele in the same manner that phones, email and other communication systems are used. We believe the time has come to move SMS to the forefront of Government communications and this was the reason for development of the Text2Them system.

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