SpiderOak Solutions for the Public Sector

  • CrossClave

    CrossClave is a security-first alternative to existing SaaS based file sharing and collaboration tools. CrossClave provides users absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of their contracting, personnel information, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices. Like all other SpiderOak products, CrossClave is built on a strong encryption platform utilizing the NSA CNSA cipher suite, distributed ledger (aka blockchain) technology, and a flexible Policy Engine. Together with the platform, CrossClave enables teams to work over any available communication network.

  • OrbitSecure

    OrbitSecure is an unparalleled system for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance-collection security when managing spacecraft and payloads. OrbitSecure reduces both the complexity of implementation and required resources for deployment. Additionally, we understand that we must work with existing mission planning, scheduling, and control solutions integrating with the heritage solutions that the industry has come to rely on. Therefore, SpiderOak can deliver a deployable service into a customer’s environment that will provide the agile key management for the mission planning and C2 software.

  • One Backup

    One Backup is secure, reliable backup that protects your most important files from data loss and ransomware while syncing your data across all your devices. Access all your historical versions and deleted files with no time limits or restrictions.

  • SpiderOak Platform

    The SpiderOak Platform is a suite of libraries and simple functions which provide key management, endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, compartmentalization of data, users, and bots, and policy-controlled actions of users to the top-level application. The platform further allows the top-level application to ignore network or infrastructure security because identities, data, and teams are not shared with the network or server which transports data from endpoint to endpoint. The SpiderOak platform has been realized as a secure collaboration suite in CrossClave, but was designed with other applications such as secure collaborative file editing, multi-user sync, and password management, in mind.