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Cyber Threat Intelligence and Endpoint Security with Secureworks

Part of the Dell Technologies family of companies, Secureworks provides intelligence-driven information security solutions focused on protecting organizations of all sizes from cyber-attacks. The company's portfolio features an array of subscription-based, managed and monitored security solutions in addition to real-time threat intelligence, incident response and governance, risk and compliance consulting services to meet the needs of the public and private sector. Secureworks’ solutions are backed by the expertise of its Counter Threat Unit™ research team and the global visibility that comes from protecting more than 4,000 customers in 50 countries.

Benefits of Secureworks Threat Detection

With Secureworks’ solutions, commercial, government and educational institutions can:

  • Protect critical government and citizen data, as well as intellectual property from insiders and sophisticated threat actors
  • Safeguard critical infrastructure systems
  • Meet and exceed compliance regulations and industry best practices Identify vulnerabilities and risk
  • Assist organizations in adapting security policies, procedures and infrastructure to defend against increasingly advanced cyber threats
  • Securely transform their core processes and services by utilizing digital technologies, to provide their constituents, students and employees with optimized services and solutions. Assist organizations in securely embracing digital transformation

Secureworks and Carahsoft and its network of partners can now offer government entities, educational institutions, and commercial markets a portfolio of trusted security solutions and services, so that that they can focus on their core organizational goals without taxing their resources.

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