Salesforce Emergency Response Management

Governments around the world are being called upon to provide a comprehensive, timely, and effective response, which requires a wide-range of interdisciplinary and intergovernmental actions including communications, coordination, reporting, tracking, and treatment.


Salesforce provides a single enterprise platform that delivers multiple services and enables your organization to rapidly configure solutions specifically tailored to your emergency response efforts. These solutions can be provisioned within minutes and configured for mission readiness within days. The Salesforce platform delivers multiple services and enables organizations to rapidly configure solutions tailored to emergency response efforts.

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See the Solutions in Action

  • Quarantine Management
    • Track capacities, staff, and resources, and arrange for patient quarantine and care.
    • Examples: Contact Tracing, patient monitoring, test scheduling, Antibody testing management
  • Health and Recovery Management
    • Monitor and Care for on-site and remote patients.
    • Examples: Care Team Coordination, New Patient Onboarding, Intelligent Task Management
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  • Emergency Funds Management
    • Distribute emergency grant and loan funding to citizens, businesses, and agencies – before, during, and after a crisis occurs
    • Examples: Emergency Grants Management, Application Intake, Online Portal
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  • Communications Management
    • Engage and communicate with citizens, media, and agencies across multiple channels
    • Examples: Social Media Management, Online Portal, Mass Communication
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  • Response Management
    • Communicate with and serve affected citizens by coordinating across agencies during an emergency
    • Examples: Contact Center, Chat bots, Remote worker support, Response Coordination, Virtual Intake
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  • Reporting and Readiness Managemet
    • Prepare for potential emergencies across jurisdictions and sharing info on policies, procedures, capacities, and resources
    • Examples: Inventory management, Resource tracking, Data visualization
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Emergency Response Management: Enabling Government Response in Times of Crisis

Made especially apparent by current events, Governments around the world are being called upon to respond to emergencies. Salesforce is honored to stand with our Government agencies by bringing our technology subject matter expertise into solutions that streamline processes, simplify data, enable faster response times, and maximize overall effectiveness. Learn More...

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