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SailPoint, the leader in identity management, delivers an innovative approach to securing access across the enterprise with the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform. The platform is designed to securely accelerate mission objectives while delivering adaptive security and continuous compliance. SailPoint provides a comprehensive view of access to all resources across multi-cloud infrastructure, and helps make faster, more informed access decisions, detects potential risks, and easily enforces access policies for all users.


IdentityIQ is an open-identity platform that provides robust capabilities to eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities and can be scaled to meet current and future identity governance needs.

SecurityIQ enables organizations to quickly discover, classify and establish access controls to sensitive files stored on-premises and in the cloud—thus helping to mitigate risk of data leakage and breach.

IdentityNow - A true cloud-based identity solution that quickly establishes visibility and effectively manages user access to all systems and applications with a simple and intuitive user experience.