The Changing Landscape of Identity Security with BeyondTrust, SailPoint, and Ping Identity

Malicious cyber actors are realizing the potential in exploiting legacy identity, credentials, and access management (ICAM) systems. Lateral attacks, insider threats, and credential theft are becoming increasingly common and threatening attack vectors used by cyber actors. Advanced actors are increasingly willing to leverage supply chain exploits of common tools and target high value systems, even where strong authentication may be in place.

Modern ICAM is needed to detect these cyber actors and advance Zero Trust maturity. Zero Trust is one of the key drivers for identity management and security; the increased adoption of Zero Trust best practices has led to a greater emphasis on identity security as critical components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Public sector organizations must focus on MFA, privilege access management, identity governance, and automation to achieve Zero Trust and accelerate their modernization. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

Tech Spotlight BeyondTrust, SailPoint, Ping Identity Identity Management Graphic
  • The 3 core technology component solutions of modern ICAM
  • How modern ICAM enhances visibility and control, improves compliance and minimizes insider threats
  • Modern ICAM best practices

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