Radiant Logic Solutions for the Public Sector

  • RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform

    The RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform is the best in class solution in the category of Identity Data Fabrics. Only the RadiantOne platform has the unification capabilities required for building the Identity Data Fabric in a complex, distributed environment. The platform intelligently unifies identity across silos into a reusable, renewable resource that can be used for any initiative.

    Building an Identity Data Fabric requires a set of features that are complex to manage without a guided process. RadiantOne offers a set of tools which walk the user through implementing best practice of these advanced features, with modules designed to tackle specific use cases– from directory replacement and modernization to implementing Single Sign On.

  • Federated Identity Engine

    The virtualization and abstraction layer that unifies identity silos to provide a central access point for all applications. The Federated Identity Engine builds unlimited and flexible virtual views of identity data, delivered at speed in the format required.

  • Universal Directory

    Upgrade your identity infrastructure with Universal Directory, providing a modern way of storing and accessing identity information. Enable elastic computing with the highly scalable, fault-tolerant, containerized solution for distributed identity storage.

  • Global Synchronization

    One synchronization service to rule them all-- on-prem, in the cloud, and across the clouds. Global synchronization leverages bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across enterprise systems in real time.

  • Directory Migration

    Everything you need-- virtualization, storage, and synchronization-- to upgrade your legacy LDAP directory to the Universal Directory at your own pace, with no disruption to users or existing systems.

    Alt–Upgrade your legacy storage to a massively scalable, modern, interoperable option with Universal Directory. Designed to support rapid growth, the RadiantOne Universal Directory offers massive flexibility, elasticity and agility to your organization.

  • Insights, Reports & Administration

    Use wizard-driven reporting to search, manage, and view identity centrally in your organization. This module displays a complete view of the user correlated across multiple sources, including the attributes contributed by each.

    Alt- Tap into real-time keyword search for identities and groups across sources, plus view and manage complete user profiles centrally.

  • Single Sign-On

    Connect users with seamless, secure access to federated applications via SAML, OIDC, WS-Federation, WS-Trust. This service enables SSO and strong authentication, and provides a self-service portal for managing passwords and user profiles.