Radiant Logic ICAM

Radiant Logic unifies the identity infrastructure so the ICAM strategy with executive orders and mission objectives. Modern ICAM  highlight the need for a flexible, multi-domain identity service that provides a single, comprehensive view of all users, all their identities and all access rights no matter how complex the underlying source repositories.

Examples of systems where identity data unification is a necessity for complex agencies  include SSO, IGA, PAM, RBAC, ABAC, Joint-Agency Collaboration, Cloud Migration, Directory services, and more. Radiant Logic’s Intelligent Identity Data Platform operates like a Swiss Army Knife for identity data unification, honoring existing investments that are mission-critical while accelerating new initiatives.

Radiant Logic's Intelligent Identity Data Platform is the foundation for an interoperable, collaborative and future-state, zero trust identity architecture. The result: only the right users have the right access, based on their specific mission need.