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As the tide of partisanship rises, public servants need faster, more frequent insights into the experiences citizens and employees are having in each function of government. When these experience insights are properly used, they drive citizen engagement & satisfaction, reduce waste & risk, and improve government service levels.

Qualtrics provides solutions that make it easy to capture experience data, so you can quickly make evidence-based decisions about mission critical programs and services. Consistently collecting, reporting, and acting on metrics will demonstrate where you are improving, and have positive, lasting effects for your agency and programs.


Qualtrics Research Core™

Our core survey platform can be used for hundreds of different research initiatives across nearly every functional department of an organization. Enterprises, government agencies, and DIY researchers all rely on the Qualtrics Research Core(tm) to be more competitive, efficient, profitable, and ultimately-to be right. The Research Core makes it easy for anyone in an organization - from the intern to the CMO - to design professional surveys, collect rich data, and analyze the customer, market, and employee insights they need to make the right decisions. To learn more, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/research-core.

Customer Experience™

Build greater bonds of trust by asking about your customer and citizen experiences in the moments that matter, and taking action to improve the experience. To learn more, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/customer-experience.

  1. Omni channel measurement
  2. In-app and website feedback
  3. CX reporting, analytics & dashboards
  4. Follow-up & case management
  5. Operational integration

Employee Experience™

Measure sentiment across the entire employee lifecycle, prioritize key employee experience drivers, increase retention, decrease attrition, engage employees, and be the best place to work. To learn more, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/employee-experience.

  1. Employee engagement
  2. 360 employee feedback
  3. Training surveys
  4. Exit interviews
  5. Pre-hire & onboarding

Product Experience™

Uncover unfulfilled policy expectations, measure public trust, conduct traditional research, and properly prioritize rule-making & policy changes. Evidence based decisions about which programs will successfully and positively impact citizens is key to achieving an effective outcome-based government. To learn more, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/product-experience.

  1. Policy testing
  2. Trust research
  3. Citizen experience
  4. Market analysis
  5. Conjoint analysis

Brand (Agency) Experience™

Benchmark and track agency awareness, improve perception of services, improve communications, and optimize mission achievement. To learn more, visit https://www.qualtrics.com/brand-experience.

  1. Mission awareness
  2. Agency's Brand equity
  3. Message and copy testing
  4. Brand strategy research
  5. Segmentation & positioning

21 Century IDEA

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act is here.

Is your agency prepared?

On Thursday, December 20, the President signed the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (21st Century IDEA) into law – a bill that will transform the federal government’s digital service delivery, through website modernization, improved accessibility, and adoption of digital forms and signatures, and ultimately prioritize the citizen experience.

21st Century IDEA requirements include:

  • Establishing consistent and secure websites that are 508 compliant and accessible across devices
  • Offering mobile-friendly, digital options for all paper-based forms
  • Adopting the use of electronic signatures
  • Prioritizing the customer experience journey with a focus on personalization of content
  • Modernizing internal digital services for government employees

Qualtrics solutions aid government organizations in meeting the 21st Century IDEA requirements.

  • Digital Customer Experience (CX)
    Improve your visitor experience and site/app usability by receiving insights for every channel and touchpoint on a single platform.
  • Customer Experience Management
    Engage with your customers on their terms via their preferred platform (web, SMS, email, etc.) and collect data to identify their issues in real-time.
  • Brand (Agency) Experience
    Benchmark and track agency awareness, improve perception of services, improve communications, and optimize mission achievement.
  • Qualtrics iQ
    Gain access to a live, organized chronicle that captures the emotions, sentiments, and preferences of an audience. It enables agencies to interact with people at the right moment, with the right message, via the best channels.

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Remote Solutions

The ongoing development of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forever changing the way we work. Individuals, teams, and entire companies are choosing to work remotely and organizations are scrambling to adjust. There are times, like these, when we all need to step up and help. Beginning immediately, we are making the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse publicly available and free for all organizations. We hope this helps each of you move forward during this difficult time.

Remote Work


Remote Work Pulse

Remote Work Pulse helps organizations understand how their employees are doing and what support they need as they adapt to new work environments. As we all navigate this new terrain, ensuring our employees’ concerns are heard and addressed is paramount in order to maintain business continuity and close experience gaps.

Remote Work Pulse is a free tool designed to help employees, companies, educational institutions, communities, and governments stay connected and move forward. For more information please contact: qualtrics@carahsoft.com or (703) 871-8545


COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing

As health organizations become overwhelmed by the volume of patients needing attention and care, COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing is available to all federal, state, and local governments as well as public health organizations.

This free online resource provides up-to-date information to the public about the coronavirus while helping health organizations and government reduce strain, triage potential cases, and stay on top of community concerns.


COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse

The ongoing development surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to customers re-evaluating who they buy from. Know the expectations and requirements of your customers related to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they have the confidence they need to keep doing business with you.


Healthcare Workflow Pulse

Frontline healthcare workers and those who work within healthcare systems, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics are facing unprecedented challenges associated with the rapid spread of COVID-19. This Healthcare Workforce Pulse is designed to help healthcare organizations stay connected with their frontline workers during this challenging time.


Remote Educator Pulse

As more schools across K-12 and higher education shift to a remote learning model, staying connected with your frontline teaching staff is more critical than ever. The Remote Educator Pulse is a companion to the Remote Work Pulse to help you ensure that faculty are prepared to deliver remote learning programs, while connecting you to their ongoing experiences so you can drive continuous impact.


Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse

Colleges and universities are facing the difficult challenge of keeping students safe, while minimizing disruptions to teaching and learning. The Remote Learning Pulse helps academic institutions with remote learning readiness, and to identify areas for continual improvement.


K-12 Remote Learning Pulse

K-12 schools and districts must keep delivering services while closed. The Remote Learning Pulse helps you understand if your students and families have what they need in this new remote learning environment. This solution will also help you pinpoint district-wide issues.


COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script

A dynamic call center script that supports public health organization staff to deliver accurate, up-to-date information to callers about COVID-19. It also includes automatic reporting showing caller trends, patterns and gaps in information requests.


Supply Continuity Pulse

Many businesses are facing the challenge of maintaining delivery of products and services during this time of disruption. The Supply Continuity Pulse helps you understand if your suppliers expect to meet delivery timelines and helps you identify areas to optimize Business Continuity and Recovery Plans


Customer Confidence Pulse

These are uncertain times for your customers, and building confidence and trust with them is more important than ever. As you move your business forward, get continuous feedback on what they need, and take rapid action to meet their evolving preferences so you can build the confidence they need to keep doing business with you.


Digital Open Door

Keeping communication lines open with your customers is more critical than ever. Quickly stand up a digital open door to ensure you always have an open, two-way line of communication with your customers. And optimize digital experiences to meet evolving customer needs.


Front Line Connect

When it’s tough to get insights from customers directly, go to the people who know them best - your frontline. Quickly get a sense of what’s going on with customers and what are the most important actions to take to retain them. As the situation evolves, keep a pulse on how customers are responding so you know what to do next.


Back to Business


Return to Work Pulse

Qualtrics Return to Work Pulse helps you quickly and confidently understand how and when your employees should return to the workplace. Whether teams have been working from home, staying off-site due to temporary business closures or staying home due to health concerns, Return to Work Pulse helps address each employee’s unique needs to make a safe and positive transition back.


Workforce Symptom Check

Contain the spread of COVID‑19 with ongoing symptom checks. Workforce Symptom Check (HITRUST/SOC2 Certified) securely assesses employee health to determine suitability for returning to work.



Workforce Contact Tracing

Manage onsite safety with COVID‑19 contact tracing. Workforce Contact Tracing automates manual tracking of workforce interactions to minimize the spread of COVID‑19.



Return to Work Ongoing Pulse

Understand employee sentiment amid COVID‑19 disruption. Assess readiness and needs of your workforce before re-opening.



Engagement in Disruption

Adjust your employee engagement program to accelerate recovery. Understand and act on critical experience areas like employee wellbeing, resilience, team dynamics, change management, and inclusion and belonging.




GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2016


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2020

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Dec 19, 2016

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2016

Department of General Services PA - Symantec

May 01, 2009- Jun 17, 2017

Maryland Master Contract (COTS)

Oct 01, 2012- Sep 30, 2027
*Additional Option Years Available

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

NCPA 01-86
Apr 11, 2016- Apr 30, 2019

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056B

Jun 28, 2017- Jun 28, 2019

State of Alaska Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Aug 07, 2017- Sep 16, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

State of Arkansas Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Jul 01, 2017- Sep 15, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

State of California Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Sep 15, 2017- Sep 15, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

State of Delaware Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Jun 30, 2017- Sep 15, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

State of Indiana Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Jul 31, 2019

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Aug 01, 2021

Texas DIR-TSO-3926

Jun 28, 2017- Jun 28, 2019

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2021


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022
*Additional Option Years Available



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Creating great experiences for customers is a common organizational struggle, particularly in the Federal Government. Learn how GE leveraged its existing Salesforce investment with the Qualtrics platform, to better engage stakeholders and customers to determine key drivers of satisfaction.Start time...

Creating great experiences for customers is a common organizational struggle, particularly in the Federal Government. Learn how GE leveraged its existing Salesforce investment with the Qualtrics platform, to better engage stakeholders and customers to determine key drivers of satisfaction.Start time...

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