Forescout Technologies Inc Use Cases

  • Solution #1 - Network Access Control

    Network Access Control

    You need a way to implement and maintain Zero Trust access for your many network types and array of connected things – including employee devices returning to the office post-COVID, remotely connected devices, transient devices, guest/BYOD devices and IoT, OT and smart devices. Forescout’s modern network access control (NAC) gives you the ability to continuously identify all connected things, assess their posture, automate remediation workflows and implement access controls for provisioning least-privilege access.

  • Solution #2 - Device Compliance

    Device Compliance

    There is no gray area when it comes to compliance. To hackers and regulators, partial compliance is noncompliance. Vulnerable platforms, unpatched devices and default passwords expose your network to substantial risk, creating compliance gaps that continue to widen as more devices are added or become virtual and extend into the cloud. Forescout’s mission is to continuously assess, remediate and enforce the security compliance of all devices.

  • Solution #3 - Network Segmentation

    Network Segmentation

    As network perimeters have disappeared, the need for network segmentation has dramatically increased. Network segmentation, a core tenet of Zero Trust and least-privilege initiatives, can be difficult to implement. Forescout helps accelerate segmentation adoption with dynamic, context-driven capabilities – and without complexity, excessive cost or negative impacts to your operations.

  • Solution #4 - Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Make intelligent, up-to-date security and business decisions and meet compliance requirements with real-time inventory of every device on your network without requiring an agent. The Forescout platform helps eliminate blind spots and removes the manual processes to collect instant asset intelligence, maintain accurate asset inventories and lifecycle management for every device the instant it connects to your network.

  • Solution #5 - Incident Response

    Incident Response

    Today’s enterprises typically have dozens of IT and security products operating independently without sufficient device context or the ability to take action to respond to security risks and threats. This creates alert fatigue in SecOps teams, gives attackers more time to exploit vulnerabilities and increases the blast radius of threats. Forescout shares real-time device context, automates policy enforcement and executes response actions across your ecosystem of IT and security tools.