Rise of IoT, OT, Other Non-Traditional Devices Requires a New Approach to Cybersecurity

Featuring Dean Hullings, Global Defense Solutions Strategist for Forescout Technologies.

You have to have an understanding of everything that’s connected to the network, and you have to able to continuously monitor all of those devices that are connected to the network, in order to stop those kinds of breaches from happening.
And so certainly that’s what Comply to Connect has attempted to achieve in delivering their capabilities and then integrating all of those tools together so they work together to stop that lateral movement, to make sure that a device that is supposed to be a security camera or a printer, is in fact acting like and only operating like a security camera or a printer, instead of now reaching out to other databases or other services on the network, that they shouldn’t have any need to access.
They’re providing the training for the administrators out in the field. So, I was a squadron commander and the last thing I wanted to hear was a mandate to install and implement something new and then put it on my back to go figure out how to get my people trained, because obviously we all depend on, all commanders depend on their people, and if their people aren’t trained they can’t deliver the mission that is necessary.
So the program office is taking that into account, and they’re actually fielding hundreds of classes to train thousands of administrators within the first year so that this mandate that comes out under the memo and the licenses that are being provided free of charge to the organizations from DISA, can come together with people that are trained on how to operate the capability once it’s delivered into their environments.