Open, Extensible Public Sector Observability with Elastic and Red Hat

The amount of data passing through countless endpoints across the globe is constantly increasing and public sector organizations must keep up while maintaining secure and transparent data management practices. Faced with a great many tool and software options, agencies must find the right solution to secure data, applications, microservices and cloud infrastructures. Tool consolidation has become integral to mitigating risk and cutting costs in an effort to secure an agency's cybersecurity environment.

Red Hat and Elastic are working together to ensure government agencies are able to leverage their integrated solutions for end-to-end visibility, proactive insight and the easy collection and interactive analysis of data. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

Tech Spotlight Red Hat Elastic Public Sector Observability Tech Spotlight Graphic
  • Challenges within tool sprawl, data silos and zero trust
  • How the Elastic Stack builds on Red Hat OpenShift’s monitoring solution
  • Key benefits of the Red Hat and Elastic collaboration

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