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Elastic Cybersecurity Self-Guided Tour

Elastic Cybersecurity Self-Guided Tour

Elastic intertwines open source principles with cybersecurity innovation, streamlining the process for developers to integrate robust search functionality into their applications while bolstering security measures. By furnishing cybersecurity personnel with cutting-edge Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools, Elastic fortifies agencies’ detection and response capabilities, serving as a vital connective data layer within Zero Trust strategies. Within the realm of National Security, Elastic’s scalable search platform empowers users to elevate intelligence analysis by harnessing secure data, thus enhancing situational awareness and enabling confident safeguarding of the nation’s security interests. Renowned for its expertise in sensitive data ingestion, enrichment and secure sharing, Elastic amplifies the potency of crucial data at the speed and scale essential for mission accomplishment in agency settings.

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Elastic Security

Elastic Security helps public sector organizations safeguard their cyber ecosystems with fast, data-centric detection, response, and prevention. In environments where every millisecond counts, Elastic lowers your MTTR and reduces the potential of widespread harm. Elastic Security also enables public sector organizations to use data to gain deep visibility into disruptive events that may impact their infrastructure. By arming IT teams with limitless telemetry collection, querying, and machine-learning analytics across cloud/multi-cloud, on-premises, or air-gapped environments, we help teams detect anomalies and speed up problem resolution.


  • Centralized platform for monitoring and analyzing security-related data, including logs, metrics, data and alerts. This facilitates the detection and response to security incidents from a single interface.
  • The platform enables real-time detection of security threats by analyzing logs and events, helps mitigating potential security incidents.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities allowing security teams to gain insights into patterns, anomalies and trends within the data.
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Continuous Monitoring

Elastic Security Continuous Monitoring is a cybersecurity tool that monitors digital environments continuously, using advanced analytics and machine learning to detect and respond to threats in real-time. It collects data from various sources like endpoints, networks, and cloud services, providing visibility into vulnerabilities and suspicious activities. Through automated alerts and customizable dashboards, it enables proactive defense against emerging threats. Overall, it helps organizations mitigate risks and enhance their security posture effectively.


  • Monitors cloud infrastructure and applications to safeguard platforms against data breaches, resource misuse, and malicious interference. It ensures container security and monitors their performance and provides enhanced security for remote work environments by overseeing IT and security applications.
  • Track network activities to enhance overall environmental visibility, detect anomalies, and facilitate investigations. Seamlessly integrate various commercial IT and security products along with protocols such as DNS, HTTP, NetFlow, TLS, and SMTP.
  • Protect your organization from theft and malicious actions by monitoring user activity and context to detect signs of insider threats, compromised accounts, and misuse of privileges. Concentrate on specific users to examine key attributes, observed activities, and any associated anomalies or alerts.
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Automated Threat Protection

Elastic Security Automated Threat Protection offers a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats through automated processes. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, it continuously scans and identifies potential threats within digital environments. By analyzing vast datasets and network traffic patterns in real-time, it promptly detects malicious activities and suspicious behavior. Through proactive measures such as automated threat remediation and response, it helps organizations mitigate risks and fortify their security posture effectively.


  • Utilize Elastic Agent to prevent, detect, and respond to threats seamlessly, leveraging the specialized knowledge of Elastic Security Labs. Counter sophisticated attacks through malicious behavior protection, employing advanced analytics and customized response strategies. Automatically remove traces of attacks from compromised systems and thwart rapidly evolving ransomware and malware.
  • Detect concealed threats using advanced security analytics, identifying suspicious behavior through machine learning across varied data sets.
  • Identify familiar threats through alerting, uncovering potential risks early in the attack cycle through rules refined by Elastic threat researchers and the community. Automatically enhance and verify alerts to prioritize the most significant threats. Utilize threat intelligence to enhance accuracy and reliability further.
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Threat Hunting

Elastic Security Threat Hunting empowers organizations to proactively search for and identify potential security threats within their digital environments. Leveraging advanced analytics and customizable queries, it enables security teams to explore data sets for indicators of compromise and suspicious activities. By conducting systematic investigations and correlating diverse data sources, it helps uncover threats that may have evaded automated detection mechanisms. Through continuous monitoring and refinement of hunting techniques, Elastic Security Threat Hunting enhances threat visibility and enables swift response to emerging cybersecurity risks.


  • Discover previously undetected threats by providing practitioners the tools to uncover hidden risks through curated visualizations and contextual information. Elastic seamlessly integrates with an extensive ecosystem of security and IT technologies, aiding organizations in eliminating blind spots and breaking down data silos.
  • The solution furnishes instant access to rich contextual information, empowering analysts to make rapid decisions with confidence. Threat hunters can interrogate vast volumes of logs within seconds, swiftly comparing new Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) against extensive historical data repositories.
  • Minimize dwell time and mitigate damage by avoiding the delay of waiting for frozen data to thaw. Elastic offers rapid access to frozen data, allowing practitioners to delve into archives without extended waiting periods.
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Investigation and Incident Response

Elastic Security Investigation and Incident Response provides robust capabilities for analyzing and addressing security incidents swiftly and effectively. Leveraging advanced analytics and customizable workflows, it enables security teams to investigate and respond to threats with precision. By correlating diverse data sources and providing contextual insights, it helps identify the root causes of incidents and streamline remediation efforts. With automated response actions and real-time alerting, Elastic Security facilitates rapid incident resolution, bolstering organizations' overall cybersecurity posture.


  • Obtain instant insights. Incident investigation and response demand both speed and endurance. Stay ahead of adversaries in each investigation by reducing the cognitive burden of scattered data and prolonged query times.
  • Establish uniform procedures. Prioritize, examine, and address alerts using investigation guides that clarify why an alert triggered, how to assess its validity as a genuine threat, and the subsequent steps to follow. Leveraging insights from Elastic Security Labs researchers, our integrated playbooks reduce the learning curve for junior analysts and enhance the expertise of experienced practitioners.
  • Resolve issues swiftly. Execute remediation actions throughout the enterprise by leveraging collected data and the ability to trigger automated responses across distributed endpoints. Streamline efforts through built-in case management functionalities. Foster collaboration across teams by integrating with external security and ticketing workflow tools.
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Cloud Security

Elastic Cloud is dedicated to ensuring the security and privacy of your data with each service Elastic offers. Elastic Cloud provides robust security features and controls. This helps organizations protect their data and infrastructure from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating security risks. Elastic Cloud is authorized at FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level allowing it to be accessible to Federal, state and local government users and higher education institutions and government data users.


  • Access controls are set up to verify the identity of individuals accessing systems that handle our customers' cluster data. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that authorized personnel only access information relevant to their roles.
  • Elastic Cloud hosts search powered solutions on certified cloud platforms managed by top infrastructure-as-a-service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Elastic Cloud has implemented comprehensive security measures including up-to-date software deployment, TLS encryption, restricted container environments, AWS PrivateLink integration, and IP-based access controls, to safeguard customer data during transmission, storage, and access.

Elastic's Benefits Snapshot:


  • Build enterprise search into your agency’s databases, websites and apps.
  • Achieve NSM-8 Compliance with Elastic’s unified data foundation.
  • Prevent, detect and respond to threats through automation and data analysis.