Simplify Data Management with the Elasticsearch Platform

Success Stories for the Federal Government

Federal agencies must collect and decipher large volumes of real-time data from disparate sources to improve decision-making. The Federal Government can ensure data visibility, security and accessibility across cloud and on-prem environments by migrating from legacy data management systems to the Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash (ELK) Stack.

Access the Elastic use cases to explore how agencies have implemented innovative data visualization solutions like Elasticsearch and Kibana to optimize their information security and storage capabilities. Discover how Elastic's unified data analytics platform leverages cross-cluster search to increase data visibility and security.

Explore how Elasticsearch can help your organization manage and maximize data by:

Consolidating multiple data sources into a centralized database

Protecting sensitive data with role-based access controls

Transforming diverse data structures into actionable insights


GIS US Army Corps of Engineers


Oak Ridge

Lawrence Livermore National Lab.