Elastic Data Management Solutions for the Public Sector

Simplify Search-Based Analytics with the Elasticsearch Platform

With the rise in unstructured data, Elastic’s search-based solutions enable public sector organizations to increase efficiency and productivity by integrating and analyzing diverse datasets from multiple sources. Discover how to fully utilize the power of data analytics on an intuitive platform to empower your agency with comprehensive insights that enhance decision-making.

Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search is a search and analytics engine that streamlines data discovery from unstructured or structured data sources. With the public sector having data streams across different platforms, Enterprise Search enhances data management with machine learning, RESTful APIs and more to expedite database search capabilities.

Elastic Observability

Elastic Observability is an observability solution that consolidates log monitoring, application performance, infrastructure and more into a single platform. By utilizing automation to detect system errors, agencies can optimize infrastructure performance and troubleshooting with detailed insights.

Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a SecOps solution that integrates AI, automation and real-time monitoring into organizational cybersecurity frameworks. By unifying search-powered security into a single platform, agencies can identify and instantly respond to potential cyberattacks.

Elastic ELK Stack Optimizes Big Data Visualization

Elastic Kibana, a web-based visualization and analytics platform from the ELK open-source tool stack, offers users the ability to view real-time data and create actionable insights through customizable dashboard. As public sector organizations receive an influx of vital data from multiple sources, Kibana increases operational efficiency by visualizing information to facilitate more informed decision-making processes.

Elastic Cloud and Database Management Services

Elastic Cloud is a cloud computing service that allows public sector organizations to deploy and scale the Elastic Platform to public, hybrid or private cloud infrastructures. Elastic provides support for maintaining and securing cloud infrastructures, allowing agencies to easily manage Elasticsearch on private cloud infrastructures that meet compliance standards and expedite intelligent analytics.