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Enabling COVID-19 Response: Telework & Collaboration Solutions

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      Adobe Connect allows users to set up an entire workplace with secure, yet flexible web-conference and remote work stations that can ease the transition to teleworking and help users maintain the continuity of business operations from wherever employees are located. Through capabilities including screen sharing, video conference, integrated audio, instant file sharing and downloading, whiteboarding, chat and discussion features, and breakout rooms for peer-to-peer collaboration employees can continue to be safe, productive, and socially engaged.

      30-Day Free Trial of Adobe Connect
      Individuals and business who are not current customers can now use Adobe Connect rooms with up-to 25 participants for free for up to 30 days. Contact us at 877-992-3623 oradobeconnect@carahsoft.comto request a trial today.

      Virtual Office Hours for Support
      Need help setting up your teleworking solution, consultation on transitioning your upcoming event online, or tips on keeping learners engaged while they work from home? Need help setting up your teleworking solution, consolation on transitioning your upcoming event online, or tips on keeping learners engaged while they work from home? Our dedicated team of Adobe Connect Specialists have you covered. Join Kyle, Erik, or Aaron Monday-Friday afternoons for answers on anything you could want to know about Adobe Connect – completely complimentary. Fill out this formto be taken to their virtual office.

      Complimentary Training and Meeting & Event Support
      Need more training outside of our virtual office hours or have a large meeting or virtual event coming up? Contact us at 877-992-3623 oradobeconnect@carahsoft.comto schedule a one-on-one training to inquire about technical support for your virtual meeting or event.

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      To enable open, seamless communication, Atlassian is offering several free collaboration tools including: Jira, Trello, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk to kick-start remote teamwork and foster connections between teammates – even if they’re cities, countries, or continents apart.

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      • Jira Software - Plan, track, and ship projects from just about anywhere.
      • Confluence - Team workspace to stay on the same page, from wherever you are.
      • Trello - Collaborate and keep perspective on teamwork with flexible boards, lists, and cards.
      • Jira Service Desk - Report issues and deliver exceptional IT service, fast.
      • Remote Work 101 - The best performing teams are also the ones with the strongest bonds. Take time to form and maintain connections with tips and best practices from our very own remote experts.

      Special Offer for Educators: Get Trello Business Class FREE for Year. Learn More.

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      AWS provides a set of solutions built on top of the AWS Cloud to help quickly enable remote work for employees, contractors, students, and contact center agents. AWS remote work and learning services include remote desktops and applications, tools for communication and collaboration, and contact center solutions that can be deployed quickly at global scale.

      We areoffering Amazon WorkSpacesfor up to 54 users at no charge for new WorkSpaces customers; offer available through July 31, 2021.

      To learn more, contact us at (888) 662-2724

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      Dell Technologies devices for telework enable agencies to secure operations with trusted devices, trusted access and trusted data that doesn’t impede your employees’ ability to work anywhere, anytime or compromise their productivity.

      Through integrating Dell’s mobile telework devices, VDI ready IaaS, and Unified Workspace software you are able to provide a complete mobility platform to help keep your employees safe and productive while they work from home, while enabling access to agency assets remotely, securely and at scale.

      Dell Technologies offers end-to-end solutions for working and learning from home, including Workspace ONE and quick ship options. Empower your employees with flexible, award-winning devices that maximize productivity. Work without limits.

      Dell is running a global promotion of its work from home telework devices. For more information on discounts, special contract terms and complimentary deployment services, please contact the Dell team atDellGroup@carahsoft.comor call 866-Dell-2-Go.

      Check out these resources to learn more:

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      GitLab is a single application built from the ground up for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle for Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams to work concurrently on the same project. As the world’s largest all-remote company, GitLab is now sharing its expertise in managing its team and workflows to help agencies and organizations working remotely.

      Download GitLab’s completeRemote Playbook,the most comprehensive remote work guide available and 100% free. The Playbook will help you:

      • Learn how the world’s largest all-remote company manages our team and workflows
      • Understand the key steps every remote worker and manager should take now
      • Get tried-and-tested tactics for building remote fluency in your organization

      Selectthis optionto utilize the GitLab tool free of charge for 30 days. Try our features and user experience. You can also install GitLab on your own infrastructure or in our public cloud environment. For more information, contact the GitLab team at Carahsoft at (877) 742-8468

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      Google Hangouts Meet is a videoconferencing solution that enables high-definition video meetings. This G Suite conferencing tool allows teams to chat, send photos, or video call someone all within Hangouts. To ensure streamlined, reliable access to the service, Google is continuing to scale its infrastructure to support greater Hangouts Meet demand.

      To help agency teams, students and teachers stay connected and productive, Google has announced that they are providing the premium version of Hangouts Meet free for all G Suite customers until July 1, 2020. The premium features enable agencies and schools increase the number of participants to 250 per call, livestream with an increased audience limit, and record meetings. For more information, contact the Google Team at Carahsoft at (844) 55-GOOGL

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      As government employees move to work remotely, they need secure access to the data and systems required for their job. To help with this challenge, we’re providing an unlimited edition of NetIQ Advanced Authentication that offers multi-factor authentication for as many users as you need.

      As of today, existing NetIQ Advanced Authentication customers can simply replace their license key with a new COVID-19_Relief.lic that supports as many users as you need free of charge. This program allows you to protect all of your accounts with multi-factor or strong authentication.

      Organizations which do not have an Advanced Authentication in place today have access to the appliance for deployment as well as the COVID-19 license that supports as many accounts as needed. The appliance is designed for quick deployment and simple configuration.

      For more information, visitthe NetIQ Advanced Authentication siteor contact the Micro Focus Government Solutions team at Carahsoft at (703) 230-7597 or

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      As the world shifts to working remotely, NVIDIA virtual GPU technology enables professionals, creators, and students to continue to access the same high-performance technology they rely on in the office or classroom. Whether you’re working, creating, learning, or taking a much-needed entertainment break, NVIDIA can deliver the power and performance to meet every need, from at home or anywhere.
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      Salesforce provides a variety of workforce readiness tools to help your department or agency connect the right people to the right information, quickly, easily, and securely, enabling you to control teleworking requests and report on employee teleworking status and issues.

      The Incident Management solution allows organizations to collect and track information on employee stats including exposure, quarantine, and illness.

      Use Analytics to understand how employee status affects mission capability by role, office, facility, etc. With real time data to inform decision making, visualize impacts based on geography, criticality, and more.

      For more information, contact the Salesforce team at Carahsoft at (703)-871-8655 or check out the resources below.

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      Slack is where work happens. Slack is a new layer of the business technology stack that brings together people, applications and data—a hub for collaboration where people can effectively work together, access critical applications and services, and find important information to do their best work. People around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems and drive their business forward.

      To learn more about Slack or request a demo, contact the Slack team at Carahsoft via phone (703) 871-8655 more information on working from home, viewSlack’s Guide to Working Remote.

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      SpiderOak Mission Systems’ CrossClave is a cryptographically secure collaboration platform which supports single or multi-department mission teams by providing cryptographically segmented, endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted chat and file sharing capabilities. CrossClave is built on a strong encryption platform utilizing the NSA CNSA cipher suite, distributed ledger technology, and a flexible Policy Engine. CrossClave provides absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of your contract, personnel information, program and other sensitive data across all networks and devices.

      We build technology for the high-security demands of “need-to-know,” mission-driven organizations to safely communicate and collaborate from your home office.

      To learn more about SpiderOak Mission Systems or request a briefing, contact the SpiderOak team at Carahsoft at (703) 673-9037 or e-mailcaroline.malaby@carahsoft.comor check out this SpiderOak use case.

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      Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT) offers solutions that facilitate enterprise-wide security initiatives for secure remote access to enterprise resources. Our solutions enable employees to securely access agency resources while ensuring that data remains fully protected:

      For more information on how Thales TCT can help organizations secure remote access to sensitive data, networks and applications, visitwww.thalesTCT.comor

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      Vyopta allows agencies and institutions to improve collaboration, optimize meeting room usage, meet compliance reporting requirements, and efficiently manage multi-vendor collaboration environments. Vyopta empowers agencies to future-proof their unified communications and collaboration investments by providing a single-pane-of-glass view of multi-vendor collaboration environments including: Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom (includes Zoom webinars), Google Meet, Cisco UCM, Cisco Meeting Server, Pexip, gateways for voice and video, and IoT collaboration devices.

      For more information, contact the Vyopta team at Carahsoft atVyopta@Carahsoft.comor check out the resources below:

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      For flexible working and collaboration environments, you and your organization will want to utilize the most trusted collaboration platform in the world. Wickr offers complete security, total compliance and full administrative control.

      Complete Security - Wickr protects your communications with 256-bit end-to-end encryption, creating a new random key for every call, message or file and even Wickr cannot access the decryption keys. With our zero-trust platform design, your communications are completely secure from any foreign or domestic threat.
      Total Compliance - Wickr allows you to secure your communications while remaining totally compliant with industry regulations.
      Full Control - Wickr gives you full administrative control over your data, allowing you to take charge of your own security. Control permission, set expiration timers, define security groups, and ensure that your setup is specifically tailored to your organization. Visit and download it today.

      DownloadWickr today and schedule your demo by contactingWickr@Carahsoft.comand learn how to securely collaborate with your team whether it is from an agency approved or personal device, knowing that the data is completely protected by Wickr’s advanced security protocols.

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      Wire™ is the most secure communication and collaboration platform -- featuring video conferencing, instant messaging, audio call, messenger, file-sharing, and external collaboration – all protected by dynamic end-to-end encryption.

      Recognized by Forrester and Gartner as one of the most effective and secure communications platforms there is on the market today, Wire™ is consistently delivering groundbreaking innovation from its unique “message fortress” architecture, 100% open-source software, and pioneering federation with Messaging Layer Security.

      To help your agency rethink the way you use encryption to protect digital assets without hampering mobility, usability, or productivity.

      For more information, check out:The Impact of COVID on Remote Work,Best Practices for Efficient Remote Work,andHow to Get Started with Wire™.

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      Zoom provides a secure video communications solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. With consistent and reliable high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, government departs and agencies can reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance internal collaboration, and extend citizen services through Zoom’s reliable cloud platform for collaboration, video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.
      Start using Zoom today and schedule a one-on-one demonstration for a quick start tutorial and how-to training. Contact us at 888-662-2723 orzoom@carahsoft.comto schedule your training demonstration. Learn more from Zoom’s recent blog posts:Working From Home TipsandUsing Zoom for On-line Learning,and theZoom User QuickStart Guide.