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Liferay Portal Datasheet

Liferay Portal is the leading open source web portal platform. Used in nearly every industry and widely adopted by enterprises for a broad set of solutions, Liferay counts a community of more than 100,000 members and nearly a million deployments worldwide. Liferay Portal, which began as an open source project in 2001, is a flexible, Java-based web development platform for application development and solution deployment. Companies across the globe rely on Liferay Portal’s award-winning technology for its innovative rapid development capabilities, impressive scalability, and proven reliability.

Liferay Buyer’s Guide

To fulfill a growing demand for simpler and more fiscally-viable options for the masses, open source development has accelerated at an impressive rate, not only matching the features of expensive proprietary products, but oftentimes offering them in a lighter-weight and more flexible form. As a whole, open source players offer reductions in initial licensing costs, lower support fees and training costs, and greater ease of development, thanks to the use of open standards and newer technologies.

Navy Knowledge Online Case Study

In 2001, a pilot effort began to develop an online portal for the Navy. Known as Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), the portal followed the format of Army Knowledge Online (AKO). The initial focus of NKO was to support the Navy Education Training Command (NETC) training centers and schoolhouses with a single point to collaborate, access eLearning, and store and retrieve training material. The NKO technology refresh of the underlying portal software suite will result in numerous improvements including support for low bandwidth and mobile access as well as greatly improved user friendliness. Future efforts will support the vision of and migration of NKO to an overarching MPTE portal, known as My Navy Portal (MNP).

Open Source for Government: Do More with Less

Every day, the number of government agencies adopting open source solutions and migrating their proprietary software to more flexible and competitive platforms is growing. Today’s decision makers and thought leaders demand software that provides greater capabilities and offers significant cost savings over traditional solutions. Liferay is a trusted open source platform provider for federal, state and local agencies in the U.S., satisfying market demands with important benefits, including integration, security, flexibility, cost effectiveness, scalability and U.S.-based 24x7 support.

U.S. Bank Case Study

U.S. Bank faced a significant challenge. Their customers in Securities Services were forced to log in, access data and interact with their accounts using multiple, disparate sites coupled with manual processes. Some application functionality overlapped. Multiple logins and different user experiences within each application made day-to-day activities difficult to manage and cumbersome. Data showed that users, who include asset managers and anyone with an interest in a trust account, rarely logged into the applications, and client adoption was low. Clients were demanding improved online tools that streamlined interaction with U.S. Bank Securities Services. Ultimately, the lack of unified account access and management was giving U.S. Bank competitors an advantage. U.S. Bank needed a single system for customers to access all information, providing a consistent user experience.