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A Government CX Platform Built Around Drupal

Acquia is the open source digital experience company. Acquia delivers digital services that meet the unique standards required by the public sector, without sacrificing the speed and usability standards set by the private sector. Our open source solutions that enable agencies to optimize digital government strategies and innovate to transform the business of government. We help agencies create digital experiences with greater agility, resiliency, and reliability and securely deliver mission-essential information and citizen services faster and more efficiently.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Acquia has helped thousands of customers with Drupal content management system (CMS) implementations, including award-winning government agency websites. We apply agile methodologies to our development processes and understand the need for agencies to employ cost-effective, technology-forward platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) solutions in key areas including cloud hosting, legacy website migration, website development and testing, e-commerce/e-government, content management, social and civic engagement, and citizen services delivery. No matter the size or scope of the project, Acquia has a solution that fits each customer’s requirements.

  • Security and Compliance

    Acquia understands the importance of information security within government agencies. To help our customers make risk-based decisions to migrate government workloads to the cloud, the Acquia Cloud framework has been designed to ensure that our customers are able to comply with federal security guidelines, including the following:

    • FedRAMP Moderate ATO with multiple agencies
    • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
    • Section 508 Compliance
    • Digital Government Strategy
    • Open Data Policy
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • 21st Century IDEA and Transforming Customer Experience

    Acquia understands what government agencies face when searching for solutions to help meet mandates from the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (21st Century IDEA) and the Executive Order on Transforming Customer Experience (EO 14058). Modernizing government websites to today's standards can be a challenge without the right tools. In addition to its Drupal Cloud PaaS, Acquia provides FedRAMP-compliant SaaS tools like Site Studio to implement the US Web Design Standards with no coding required, and Acquia Search for powerful, customizable website search features. For those agencies taking customer experience to the next level, Acquia offers personalization and campaign management tools backed by our AI-powered data platform.

  • Professional Services

    The Acquia Professional Services team delivers services to ensure customers are successful on the Acquia Platform. When you choose Acquia Professional Services, you’ll be working directly with the best Acquia Product and Drupal implementation experts in the world to help you meet your Acquia DXP goals and ambitions. We work with our customers as a collaborative team, ensuring that we understand their needs, deliver the right solutions, and complete every project on-time and on-budget.

    • Training
      • Training and enablement for digital teams, online or in-person.
      • Quick Starts that provide a guided overview of Acquia products.
      • Hands-on training for using Acquia Products.
    • Expert Help and Advice
      • Technical and project expertise and advice, as you build on the Acquia Platform.
      • Package engagements to define application requirements and technical architecture, application reviews, security audits and performance audits.
      • Flexible and custom solutions with Drupal and Acquia Product experts to support our customers no matter how complex or unique the situation.
    • Implementation
      • Full custom Acquia Platform product implementation, migration, and ongoing feature development.
      • Accelerate time to launch with Acquia CMS and Site Studio.
      • Security and performance audits to ensure code is compliant and follows best practices.
      • Content admin training to esure teams use applications to their fullest.
      • Launch support and hypercare to ensure successful adoption of the Acquia Platform.
  • Customer Success
    • Acquia Global Support
      • Deliver exceptional support so customers may deliver a superior digital experience through Acquia products and services.
      • A large, professional, global network of Acquia Product experts, which comprises the industry's highest level of technical expertise.
    • Technical Account Managers and Marketing Cloud Consultants
      • Help customers execute on business strategy through technology.
      • Team of highly technical experts who are business aware and strive to maximize the customer value in their investment.
      • This is achieved by integrating with the customer's team, understanding the goals and challenges to provide Acquia-driven best practices.


Drupal Cloud

Assemble & deploy digital experiences, wherever your customers spend time.

  • Acquia CMS

    Acquia CMS is a composable and open source, hybrid CMS for managing digital content and experiences that is powered by Drupal and optimized for the Acquia platform. Leverage enhanced capabilities exclusive to Acquia that support your entire team to create and deliver content in a headless architecture, low-code architecture, and everything in between.

  • Cloud Platform

    Acquia Cloud Platform is a fully managed platform for organizations to build, launch and manage their Drupal and Acquia CMS applications. It provides 99.99% uptime, platform & application security, development features, and specialized support for your CMS. Migrate Accelerate

  • Site Studio

    Acquia Site Studio is a low-code site builder that enables marketers and non-technical users to assemble pages and create content without code to expedite delivery time to the market. Developers and designers use low code tools to set the foundation by creating brand-specific site templates and reusable components. With this foundation, marketers are empowered to create pages and make updates quickly, while staying within brand guidelines.

  • Site Factory

    The Site Factory enables teams to manage multiple sites; they can easily launch microsites (BtoB or BtoC), spin up instances on different stacks, use over 50 pre-built components for a faster time to market, manage permissions, create custom dashboards and more.

  • Content Hub

    Content Hub is a tool that allows teams to discover, search for and syndicate content across different teams and locations for re-use across multiple channels.

  • Acquia Edge

    Acquia Edge CDN and Security are state-of-the-art technologies that are used to strengthen your digital experiences so they are faster and more secure with a built-in DDoS protection, a state of the art Web Application Firewall, and an extensive Content Delivery Network.

  • Acquia Cloud IDE

    Acquia Cloud IDE provides a place to write your code -- as a service. You don’t need to set up your local machine. Acquia will do it for you on the Cloud. With only a browser, you can have an IDE at your fingertips within minutes.

  • Acquia Migrate and Replatform

    There are also tools to help organizations to move to Drupal in order to use Acquia’s tools. For example, Acquia Migrate is an automated tool to speed up migrations from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, while Acquia Replatform is a tool to speed up replatforming to Drupal from Sitecore, Adobe or any other CMS.

  • Code Studio

    Code Studio is a full-stack Drupal DevOps environment with a set of tools that allow you to build, test and deploy Drupal sites, and manage the ongoing Continuous Integration and Delivery (CD/CI) pipeline. Code Studio is based on the GitLab DevOps platform, but is hosted by Acquia.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is built atop of a common customer data platform, stemming from the AgileOne CDP acquisition, providing one seamless UI across data, analytics, personalization, and campaigns to intuitively build relevant experiences with ease and agility across channels & systems.

  • Acquia CDP

    Acquia CDP delivers unified real-time customer insights, identity resolution, segments, journey mapping, optimization and personalization based on a foundation of cleansed, deduped and validated data organized into customer profiles.

  • Acquia Machine Learning

    Acquia Machine Learning is a foundational platform capability of Acquia CDP featuring over 50 OOTB models and native self-service tooling to customize models and build custom models. Including native transparency, fairness & explainability in all models & predictions and a range of feature importance graphs & heat maps that explain both model and individual customer predictions plus ML Alerts automatically detect, diagnose and rectify issues to ensure you can rely on ML insights across all connected applications.

  • Acquia Personalization

    Acquia Personalization is a no-/low- code intelligent optimization engine built for Drupal to design and build individualized experiences as quickly as the site itself.

  • Acquia Campaign Studio

    Acquia Campaign Studio is a campaign management module to help marketers manage and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns. It includes email marketing, contact management, segmentation and related features.

  • Acquia Campaign Factory

    Acquia Campaign Factory allows central teams to deploy, manage & analyze multiple, pre-configured instances of Campaign Studio (for example, for larger organizations with distributed marketing teams).

  • Acquia DAM

    Acquia DAM is a rebranding of the Widen digital asset management (DAM) system, which was acquired in 2021 and represents an upgrade on the legacy DAM solution previously available on the platform. This includes all the features you would expect, including the management of numerous asset types, multiple search methods, AI-supported metadata, configurable workflows, automatic asset conversions, digital rights management, collections, brand portals, analytics, granular permissions, integrations, and more.

  • Acquia PIM

    The Widen product information management (PIM) system has also now been rebranded as Acquia PIM and is tightly integrated with the DAM system. Acquia PIM allows marketers to import technical product data, manage product hierarchies, enrich product entries with marketing copy, associate digital assets, and organize different channels for multi-channel publishing. Acquia does not offer native commerce solutions, but has integrations with e-commerce partners, as well as complementary tools such as PIM.

Count on Carahsoft

Being able to reach your constituents and provide real time content is more important than ever. With government agencies facing new challenges every day, digital engagement and communication needs to be a priority for everyone. This has become even more prevalent during the COVID-19 Crisis.

During the duration of the crisis, Acquia is proud to offer our platform and services to government agencies, education, healthcare and non-profit organizations on the front lines who are communicating real-time information to the public and employees.

For more information and assistance, please visit our COVID-19 contact center.



Past Events, Webinars & Trainings


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New products and features accelerate development and optimization of composable digital experiences.
Acquia’s Open DXP integrates digital technologies into a single, easy-to-use, open platform.
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