WinMagic Solutions for the Public Sector

  • MagicEndpoint

    With so much riding on the security of your people and data, why do so many authentication solutions rely on users, which slows productivity? Yes, there are passwordless solutions. But they typically rely on phones, which can be cumbersome and are not phishing resistant.

    MagicEndpoint from WinMagic takes a smarter approach. We put the burden of authentication where it belongs: on the endpoint. By leveraging the endpoint, we eliminate passwords, backend complexity, and the need for third-party devices. Which means tighter security and no user action required.

    It’s time to authenticate the endpoint for the user. Get MagicEndpoint and get back to work without worry.

  • SecureDoc

    All enterprises manage different devices and platforms in their daily workflow. This diversity makes it difficult to protect data around the clock. WinMagic offers security solutions that free you to think, share and achieve your goals, knowing your employees and data are protected.

    With WinMagic’s SecureDoc, you can trust your information will be encrypted at all times while increasing your company’s security. WinMagic delivers a secure and seamless encryption experience for your unique business needs.