Waterfall Security Products for the Public Sector



Unidirectional Security Gateway. Waterfall’s flagship WF-600 Unidirectional Security Gateway provides unbreachable protection for OT / industrial control system networks. The WF-600 delivers 1G or 10G throughput options, high availability, and a simple and powerful web GUI. WF-600 hardware supports a rich, feature-full connector library that has been proven at thousands of sites and is able to support unlimited enterprise visibility for OT data. The WF-600 gateway provides OT network perimeter protection with a hardware enforced, physical barrier preventing remote attacks, malware, DOS attacks, ransomware and human errors from entering the protected network.



Unidirectional Security Gateway. The Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway offers unbreachable industrial protection, enables safe IT/OT integration, secure remote access, and unlimited industrial network monitoring. Replacing one layer of firewalls with Unidirectional Gateways in an industrial network environment, provides OT networks with un-hackable protection from even the most sophisticated modern cyber attacks.



Unidirectional Security Gateway. The Waterfall DIN Rail allows space-constrained sites to benefit from Waterfall’s unbreachable physical protection from cyber attacks on industrial networks. The DIN Rail version of Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway offers the same throughput, connectivity, functionality and security as Waterfall’s full rack-mounted version. The availability of a smaller form factor is ideal for substations, pumping stations, compressor stations and others.

Oil & Gas

Waterfall Blackbox

The Waterfall BlackBox provides a tamper-proof online repository that can survive a cyber attack, preventing attackers from hiding evidence of how they entered a network and wrongdoing within it. Just as an aircraft’s black-box survives a crash, the Waterfall BlackBox survives a cyber attack – keeping your logs untampered and secure.


Waterfall for IDS

Waterfall for Intrusion Detection Systems Waterfall for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) enables enterprise networks to monitor OT systems without risk. Waterfall for IDS is a hardware-enforced, physical barrier that prevents remote attacks, malware, DOS attacks, ransomware and human errors originating on external networks from compromising or impairing industrial operations.



The Waterfall FLIP is a type of Unidirectional Gateway whose orientation can physically reverse, enabling safe scheduled updates to OT networks without the vulnerabilities firewalls always introduce. The FLIP is deployed routinely to provide safe automatic updates of antivirus signatures, batch production orders, security updates and other items.


WF-Secure Bypass

Waterfall Secure Bypass. The Waterfall Secure Bypass Module provides physical protection for emergency and other remote support mechanisms, while providing the industrial site with physical control over the frequency and duration of remote access. Secure Bypass provides secure remote access for trusted insiders.

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