VividCharts Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Visual Hub

    The VividCharts base technology that allows you to create as many reports, dashboards, presentations or views into your data as you like.

  • Slate

    A layout-free report build that allows you to add live data charts with annotations and bullet points.

  • Narratives

    Live data slide decks that eliminate the need for manual data prep required by your presentation cycle.

  • Wall Monitor Dashboards

    Design dashboards with conditional coloring and styles specifically for wall monitor display.

  • Loops

    Automatically cycle through a set-up dashboard for a wall monitor.

  • Starts

    Out-of-the-box process-specific dashboards ready to configure.

  • VividCharts Vertical

    Vertical-specific dashboards, pre-built with high-impact data collections out of the box.