Veritas Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector

Backup and Recovery

  • Backup Exec

    Backup Exec delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-touse backup and recovery that is designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud.

    With Backup Exec, you get fast, reliable backup and recovery of data and systems at every level and advanced integration with the most recent releases of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

  • Desktop and Laptop Options

    With the majority of business-critical information residing outside the data centers or off of corporate servers, protection for desktops and laptops has become a necessity. The Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option is an easy-to-use solution which provides protection to the Windows and Mac desktops and laptops through reliable automated file backup and recovery. Desktop and Laptop Option provides continuous, nonintrusive backup of files, regardless of whether a computer is connected to the network (corporate or public) or offline.

    Product highlights:

    • Provides continuous automated data protection
    • Single data backup solution for Windows and Mac users
    • Provides non-intrusive backups over internet
    • Easy access to backed up data through mobile applications and web browsers
    • Built-in global source-side data deduplication
    • Administrator Dashboard displaying a graphical visualization of the environment
    • Synchronizes files between multiple machines
    • Built-in Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC) for reliability and data integrity
    • Data privacy profile for VIP users with exclusive restore rights
    • Supports open file backups
    • Administrators with restricted privileges for role delegation and task management
    • CPU throttling for fine tuning backup performance
    • Includes centralized management that supports up to 16,000 desktops and laptops
    • Integrated 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) encryption
    • Highly scalable solution for multisite and large scale environment
  • NetBackup 10.1

    Veritas’ NetBackup 10 is a newly released cloud-optimized data management product that incorporates automation for multi-cloud data protection at scale.

    With NetBackup 10.1—now powered by Cloud Scale Technology, you can:

    • Accelerate your adoption of cloud use cases (backup to the cloud, archive to the cloud, DR to the cloud, DR in the cloud) and new virtualization technologies (Docker containers, Red Hat virtualization, OpenStack, fully agentless VMware)
    • Move, copy, and restore data to or between clouds
    • Automate and orchestrate application lift-and-shift and recovery
    • Conduct backup snapshot orchestration and establish service-level agreements (SLAs) for data movement
    • Drive proactive data compliance and risk identification
    • Lower hardware and cloud storage costs with consolidated client-side deduplication with a single server and without data rehydration
    • Increase operational efficiencies through pre-built APIs
    • Improve security and compliance with role-based access control (RBAC) and storage, an external certificate authority, two-factor authentication, proactive smart metering licensing models, and Dynamic NAT
    • Transfer petabytes of data to the cloud with AWS Snowball
    • Save costs and optimize cloud storage space with Azure incremental snapshots
    • Optimize backup to the cloud and LTR with Azure Archive and AWS Glacier by using unified, end-to-end deduplication

Business Continuity

  • ApplicationHA

    ApplicationHA is an easy-to-use solution that provides high availability for business-critical applications through application visibility and control in VMware, Hyper-V, Solaris LDOM, IBM LPAR, and KVM environments. Based on leading Veritas InfoScale Availability technology, ApplicationHA provides a layer of application protection on various virtual platforms.

    Key Benefits

    • Gain visibility and control of applications inside VMware VMs—Minimize risks associated with application downtime by monitoring not only the VMs, but also the applications running inside them.
    • Gain visibility and control of applications inside Hyper-V VMs—Minimize business service downtime by monitoring applications inside Hyper-V VMs.
    • Monitor hundreds of applications’ health and recover from failures—ApplicationHA monitors hundreds of applications and their services. In the event of a failure, it coordinates with the VM to restart.
    • Fast failure detection with Intelligent Monitoring Framework—Detect failures quickly with almost no CPU overhead using Intelligent Monitoring Framework technology
    • Centrally manage applications—Administrators are able to centrally manage applications in both physical and virtual environments as ApplicationHA is fully integrated with Veritas Operations Manager.
    • In VMware environments, ApplicationHA provides the -- Coordinated VM reboot—ApplicationHA provides automated application recovery and when appropriate, coordinates a VM reboot with VMware.
    • Simple administration and full integration with vCenter—Reduce training costs and the need for additional tools through seamless integration with vCenter. From vCenter, users will be able to centrally manage, configure, monitor, start, and stop applications running inside VMs.
    • Improve availability without compromising on advanced VMware functionality—ApplicationHA is fully compatible with VMware features such as VMware HA, vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMware Fault Tolerance (FT).
  • Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

    Disaster Recovery Orchestrator enables businesses to automate and manage disaster recovery of Microsoft Windows-based applications residing on either physical or virtual machines to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud. Using Disaster Recovery Orchestrator to target the cloud for disaster recovery can reduce costs significantly, while helping you achieve stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

  • Infoscale Availability

    Veritas InfoScale Availability protects an organization’s most important IT services against unwanted downtime through resilient high availability and disaster recovery for critical business services. Organizations run enterprise applications and databases, custom applications, and complex multitier IT services across multivendor operating systems, storage infrastructures, and physical and virtual technologies. InfoScale Availability gives IT organizations a single solution for maintaining IT business continuity across these complex and diverse environments.

    • Application availability across physical and virtual environments
    • Availability across any distance with automated non-disruptive testing
    • Advanced failover logic with data integrity protection
    • Leading vendor in hardware and platform support
    • Out-of-box support for leading enterprise applications, databases, and data movers.
  • Infoscale Enterprise

    Veritas InfoScale Enterprise for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) offers a proven solution to help customers implement and manage highly available RAC databases. InfoScale Enterprise for Oracle RAC enables IT organizations to select the most appropriate operating system and storage hardware for their environment, all without compromising management capabilities.

    Key Benefits

    • Simplify management of Oracle RAC—Centralize multi-node management and make RAC almost as easy to manage as a single-node non-RAC database
    • Support for Oracle RAC 12c—Supports installation of and upgrade to Oracle RAC 12c and use of multi-tenant (container and pluggable database) architecture
    • Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS)—Combine shared and direct attached storage (DAS) on Linux®, IBM® AIX®, and Oracle® Solaris™ platforms
    • SmartIO—Granular and intelligent application-level caching; enables storage QoS for mission-critical applications on Linux, AIX, and Solaris platforms
    • Facilitate off-host processing—Create easy-to-use database clones to enable data analysis and backups
    • Increase efficiency of database backup and recovery—Protect the database from logical errors by providing point-in-time copies
    • Ensure data integrity—Eliminate the risk of data corruption in the event of a “split brain” condition
    • Scalable database performance—Utilize database accelerators and multiple physical paths to disks
    • Identify and remove I/O bottlenecks—Map database objects down the storage hierarchy to the disks
    • Enable stretch RAC environments—Achieve high availability and disaster recovery by utilizing a campus cluster configuration for Oracle RAC
    • Reduce database storage costs—Automatically move less frequently used data to slower, less expensive disks

Data Solutions for Government

  • Restore Order

    Agencies have too much information, so they throw it into data centers like old clothes into a closet, vowing to organize it another day. That day is here. Information management solutions help agencies sort through the data clutter. Federal IT leaders face numerous challenges – tight budgets, inefficient legacy systems, meeting Federal mandates – and Information Governance and Information Availability programs often are a lower priority. That’s beginning to change because agencies understand that Information Governance and Information Availability reduce risk, increase efficiency, and save money. A progressive approach to information management helps agencies get data under control.

    Information Governance and Information Availability help agencies overcome data chaos. Veritas empowers agencies to recognize the business value of information management.

Information Governance

  • Data Insight

    Data Loss Prevention Data Insight Enterprise features

    All the features of Data Insight for Storage, plus:

    • Data Owner Identification – tracks file usage and reports the top five users of sensitive data for files found as part of a Data Loss Prevention Network Discover scan.
    • Risk Scoring – combines Data Loss Prevention discovery of sensitive data with identification of file access permissions to prioritize folders that are at greatest risk.
    • Data Access Visualization and History – records all file usage and provides multiple views into file activity with an ability to monitor sensitive files and directories.
    • Access Alerts - identify suspicious or irregular access of sensitive files and folders.
  • eDiscovery

    The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is the leading enterprise eDiscovery solution that enables enterprises, governments, and law firms to manage legal, regulatory, and investigative matters using a single application. The Veritas eDiscovery Platform was purpose-built for eDiscovery, making it easy for organizations to defensibly solve real-world challenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legal hold and collections through analysis, review, and production. Veritas eDiscovery Platform can be rapidly deployed in-house or hosted by a certified service provider.

  • Enterprise Vault

    Planning for, managing, and storing an explosion of information is only part of the overall information management and governance challenge. Regardless of whether your organization is regulated or not, there is still a growing need to search electronic information for other reasons including: internal audits, HR requests, compliance supervision, and legal cases. Archiving to a central repository helps you to be more proactive and prepared when it comes to search and eDiscovery because it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

    As the most widely deployed archiving solution in the market, with over 10 years’ experience, Veritas Enterprise Vault has enabled tens of thousands customers to better store, manage, and discover their email and electronic files.

    Features and benefits

    • Enterprise information archive—Archive less-frequently accessed information across multiple content sources, including Microsoft® Exchange and SharePoint®, IBM Domino® and file servers, to reclaim and reuse expensive storage resources.
    • Flexible .PST and .NSF migration—Automatically locate and migrate existing .PST and .NSF files into the archive, to help regain control of the information contained within those files. Central control of .PST and .NSF files streamlines eDiscovery and reduces storage costs, backup windows, and risk associated with lost or stolen files.
    • Seamless end user experience—Provide easy access to archived information anytime, anywhere via users’ existing tools (Microsoft Outlook®, SharePoint, etc.); while online, disconnected from the network, or on mobile devices.
    • Flexible classification—Empower your end users to move individual email into unique retention folders based on parameters set forth by your organization, or analyze Exchange email content and metadata with Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Data Classification Services to automatically determine the archive and retention strategy for that message and attachment. Classification tags may also be assigned to flag the message for supervisory review within Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Compliance Accelerator. These tags are also searchable and can be used as filters within Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Discovery Accelerator and the Veritas™ eDiscovery Platform.
    • Intuitive electronic discovery with guided review—Improve the identification and review of archived content with advanced search, conversation threading, and bulk marking and tagging. Relevant items are easily preserved within the archive for legal hold. Integration with the eDiscovery Platform expands search to non-archived content and allows for more granular review and analysis.
    • Simplified installation and administration—Get Enterprise Vault up and running in minutes and easily manage it day-to-day with wizards and dashboards.
    • Low total cost of ownership—Maintain an efficient archive by using flexible deployment options (physical or virtual), storage tiering, compression, and global deduplication.

Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid clouds are business services that combine private (on premises) and public (off premises) cloud implementations. In these hybrid architectures, workloads, data, and services flow seamlessly between private and public cloud infrastructures to maximize speed, flexibility, and agility, while still preserving management control.

Storage Management

  • Flexible Storage Sharing

    Veritas InfoScale enables customers to take their distributed, high performance, and highly available file systems and combine them with the latest storage and networking technologies with its Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) feature. Flexible Storage Sharing allows customers to unlock the true potential of Direct Attached Storage (DAS), without sacrificing performance or availability to drive up to 4x the performance at less than 20 percent of the cost of a traditional Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. FSS is not limited to a “DAS-only” deployment but can be used in conjunction with SAN in a hybrid deployment allowing the existing SAN hardware to also be used.

  • InfoScale Operations Manager

    Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager is a role-based, graphical management framework that not only provides an easy-to-use interface for the core InfoScale products but also adds value to the offerings. Key elements include:

    • Centralized visibility and control
    • Automated operations
    • Comprehensive reports
    • Risk mitigation and troubleshooting
    • WEB-API for third party integration