Traction Complete Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Complete Hierarchies

    Complete Hierarchies automatically builds and maintains account hierarchies in Salesforce so you have the information you need to maximize revenue across your largest customers.

    Extra: Get crystal-clear visibility into your largest accounts and reveal untapped sales opportunities.

  • Complete Leads

    Complete Leads ensures records are automatically matched and routed to the right sales rep.

    Extra: Proactively keep data clean while fast tracking your prospects without the headache of native assignment rules or custom code. Don’t use the lead object in Salesforce? No problem! Complete Leads supports any object matching and routing.

  • Complete Clean

    Complete Clean detects and remove duplicates in Salesforce so you can focus on growing revenue with clean data.

    Extra: Skip the code and create dedupe plans in minutes with the flexibility to decide which records win and which field values are kept. Complete Clean is 100% native to Salesforce which means you’ll have access to multi-user login and industry-leading processing power all while keeping your data in your secure environment.