Salesforce Lead Management and Data Cleansing Solutions for Government

Traction Complete helps operations teams across government, higher education, and healthcare manage data complexity, effortlessly. By maintaining a trusted data foundation, unlocking unparalleled visibility, and automating data quality processes, teams are able to operate and scale more effectively.

Our suite of Salesforce apps are the result of over a decade of consulting experience and expertise, built with a true understanding of the complex data challenges that Salesforce users encounter.

Complete Hierarchies

Complete Hierarchies is the first solution to build and maintain account hierarchies in Salesforce automatically. By seamlessly leveraging first or third-party data, teams are able to visualize global corporate ownership structures, healthcare provider networks, and alumni networks. Complete Hierarchies also provides users with the ability to customize multiple account hierarchies based on their unique needs, uncover untapped relationships within a family tree, and track KPIs with built-in roll-up reporting.

Complete Leads

Complete Leads is a powerful and flexible automated matching and routing tool that saves time and eliminates the need for manual data quality tasks. Users can match, route, and assign any object, including custom objects, in Salesforce using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Finally, operations managers can build automated processes that span across departments without relying on multiple tools, spreadsheets, or manual intervention.

Complete Clean

Complete Clean is an automated data cleansing tool that detects and removes duplicate data in Salesforce. In minutes, users can build reusable deduplication plans that dictate how records are matched and merged, while still having flexibility over what records and values are kept. Complete Clean ensures that you’re always making important decisions on clean, connected CRM data.  

Since 2019, Traction Complete has been helping organizations like the University of Notre Dame, Asana, Cisco, and DocuSign build a trusted data foundation, gain invaluable insights into their largest customers, and automate otherwise manual sales motions.