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Swyft Technology develops cloud-based, secure mobile application solutions to public sector and enterprise organizations. Having partnered with both BlackBerry Ltd and Salesforce for over two years, Swyft offers the Swyft Mobile for Salesforce application on iOS and Android, which enables secure mobile access to Salesforce through BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Dynamics security container. Through Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM and services platform and BlackBerry’s security software, Swyft Mobile for Salesforce complies with FedRAMP, FIPS, DOD IL2/4, and HIPPA standards.

With Swyft Mobile for Salesforce agencies and departments in the public sector and government contractors can embrace the functionality of Salesforce while mobile, accessing their CRM and other aspects of the Salesforce Government Cloud, without compromising security around confidential, classified, and PII data. Mobile users and agents can manage cases, submit records for approval across their teams, and manage contract opportunities and casework while they’re in the field. Swyft Mobile for Salesforce supports both government-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workflows through its BlackBerry integration, supporting security measures such as data-loss prevention and remote wiping.


  • Swyft Mobile for Salesforce provides secure, native mobile access to the Salesforce platform, including the CRM and SFGC, through the BlackBerry Dynamics Security Container
  • Leveraging best-in-class security through BlackBerry and Salesforce, Swyft Mobile for Salesforce complies with regulatory standards ranging from FedRamp to FIPS
    • Integration with BlackBerry Dynamics secures all user activity inside of the container
    • Data Loss Prevention and Compliance security policies protect against jailbreak and data caching, and enforce network data traffic over corporate/agency secure network
    • Secure email and browsing from Salesforce enforced through BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Access
    • Files uploads/downloads to device disabled from Salesforce
  • Swyft Mobile for Salesforce allows seamless mobile access to the Salesforce cloud
    • Supports Salesforce features, standard objects and custom objects
    • Employees working at government agencies and government contractors can no wunleash the power of Salesforce in the field to manage bids/opportunities, submit cases for approval, and share contracts
    • Support for connected apps from the Salesforce AppExchange
    • Propietary, in-house Salesforce apps deployed on the Salesforce Cloud (including those that tie with Salesforce to legacy platforms) are compatible with Swyft
    • Built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, so setting sdeployed to Salesforce are automatically inherited by Swyft Mobile for Salesforce
  • Support for Single-Sign on (SSO) authentication and for multiple Salesforce login URLs
  • No additional data storage or configuration outside of Salesforce and BlackBerry UEM
  • Available on both iOS and Android