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Safe Workplace Apps

Employee Readiness Surveys

Helps organizations gauge their workforce’s level of preparedness to return to the workplace by presenting and capturing employee responses to a series of questions that address employees’ personal readiness for and level of interest in returning to the workplace. 

Employee Health Screening

Enables companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with entry requirements such as temperature check and personal protective equipment (PPE) allowing employers to determine if it’s safe for the employee to enter the workplace. The app also provides a reporting dashboard to view trends by sites and record the return of employees into their facilities.

Workplace Safety Management

Allows facilities and workplace services managers to quickly configure clean and hygenic, socially distanced workspaces so that employees can safely return to the workplace. The app lets managers assign shifts so that employees occupy these workspaces for a specific amount of time and configure cleaning schedules at the end of each shift. 

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Helps organizations manage and monitor their PPE inventory needs to ensure the physical safety of their workforce. The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of inventory by facility, as well as an aggregate look at the entire workplace and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real-time inventory management. 

Managing a Safe and Efficient Federal Workplace

In May of 2020, ServiceNow® launched the Safe Workplace suite to help our customers manage the essential steps for returning to the workplace and provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Emergency Response Management Apps

Emergency Response Operations

Optimize resources and staff in critical locations

Emergency Outreach

Quickly notify employees of emergency situations and collect updates on their status

Emergency Self Report

Enable your employees to notify you of their changing health status

Emergency Exposure Management

Use meetings and location to assess the potential impact of an employee’s exposure


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