Seerist Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Seerist AI-Enabled Threat Intelligence Platform

    Seerist is an applied AI platform that automates global risk and threat information gathering and analysis. Seerist enables US Government users to spend time evaluating potential courses of action with proven AI and analysis from experts with decades of experience. Seerist’s innovative AI and ML models categorize breaking events, detect abnormal activity, assess changes to stability, and provide continuously updated stability enabling simple and intuitive data discovery and robust activity monitoring and analysis. There are currently six primary capabilities within Seerist, EventsAI, PulseStabilityAI, HotSpotsAI, Verified Events and ScribeAI. We summarize each below:

    • EventsAI- Seerist ingests, and accesses data sources using push and pull APIs, RSS feeds, and web scraping on a continuous 24x7x365 basis, making data immediately available for alerting and analysis. Data from these sources feeds the Seerist EventsAI Model, an AI-driven deep learning model that categorizes disparate forms of information into classes of activities. EventsAI learn patterns in unstructured data to recognize social media, news media, and other source data and categorize it into themes like health, disasters, social unrest, conflict, and terrorism.
    • Verified Events- Seerist provides access to the most comprehensive human-verified security event data. Our experts complement our AI/ML models by collecting, verifying, and accurately geocoding an extensive database of verified events to allow users to visualize threat trends and interrogate threats to specific sectors and asset types. Verified events allow DoS to monitor and evaluate opportunities and threats around the world.
    • HotSpotsAI- HotspotsAI models patterns of activity globally. The model continuously assesses activity levels, defines normal patterns, and alerts users to anomalous activity that may pose a threat to their operations. The model evaluates news, social media, and other data to provide users with real-time assessments of what is happening, reducing the time they would normally spend filtering through endless amounts of data.
    • Expert Risk Assessments- Seerist is the only platform on the market that integrates AI-driven capabilities with access to finished political, operational, and security risk analyses written by the world's foremost experts at Control Risks. We categorize Expert Risk Assessments into 3 categories: Security Risk, Political Risk, and Operational Risk.
    • PulseStabilityAI- Seerist’s AI engine continuously assesses the impact events have on the stability of every country, 1,200+ cities and nearly 8,000 regions, covering the entire globe. PulseStabilityAI assesses levels of stability, defines normalcy for each defined area, and combines them into a composite score of stability for every spot on the globe. The model continuously identifies micro-changes in stability and looks for anomalies to alert users to actions that may pose a risk or present an opportunity to their operations.
    • ScribeAI- Seerist ScribeAI writes risk and threat assessment reports in real-time, making Seerist the most accessible risk and threat intelligence platform on the market. Seerist ScribeAI writes the “What” report, so your teams can focus on the “So What” analysis.

  • Seerist API

    Seerist was built from the start as an API first application and our API powers our platform’s user interface. Seerist makes all expert-derived and AI-driven information and analysis available as a RESTful Web Service that responds to user request in the JSON format to integrate into user’s existing applications or for development of new applications.

  • Seerist Esri Feature Services

    Seerist is an official Esri data partner. Seerist makes all expert-derived and AI-driven information and analysis available as Esri Feature Services that can be integrated into the users ArcGIS environment.

  • Seerist Foreign Influence Risk Index (FIRI)

    FIRI enables US Government users to monitor and assess the rapidly changing dynamics of Great Power Competition by applying AI algorithms to deliver unparalleled insight into US adversary global influence. FIRI provides a strategic and operational view of the global influence environment by automatically detecting and analyzing ongoing and emerging Chinese and Russian influence operations. Seerist’s event detection systems and augmented analysis integrate the PMESII framework to categorize influence operations across the political, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure domains in an intuitive data-driven dashboard. The FIRI dashboard enables users to both analyze and track influence operations on a global scale over time as well as quickly view, export, and consolidate data for informed decision-making about where to engage, disengage, or ramp up activities in specific locations to counter foreign influence on the strategic, tactical, and operational level.