Lifelike Text to Speech Solution for the Public Sector

ReadSpeaker® is the worldwide leader in online text to speech (TTS.) The company's web-based text-to-speech services are used by thousands of websites and mobile apps and millions of users worldwide every month. ReadSpeaker® speech enables online content on the fly in 65+ languages and 240+ voices, providing a portfolio of web-based text-to-speech solutions for websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, RSS feeds, online documents and forms, and online campaigns. They also have a robust portfolio for education, including certified integrations for all of the major Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as BlackBoard, Canvas, D2L, and more!

With ReadSpeaker®:

  • Your websites turn into real-time audio channels so that anyone can now listen to the written information presented to them.
  • You will engage your audience and help them understand more about your company or institution by having text highlighted as it is read aloud.
  • Updated information is converted instantly to speech without any prerecording whatsoever.
  • Last-minute online alerts can now be accessed by all of your users, including those that have reading disabilities.
  • Your website text content can be listened to from any device, anytime and anywhere, since no downloads are required for the user.
  • Not 508 compliant? Adding TTS helps you work toward compliance.
  • Educational institutions can provide world-class TTS with built-in accessibility tools to their learners.

With 130 million illiterate adults in the US alone, ReadSpeaker® presents an audio version of your online text content to reach more users, such as those with disabilities and those whose native language is not the language of your website. Local, regional, and central government websites can diminish the digital divide and increase e-inclusion by ensuring that their information is available in both written and audio formats.