Prepared Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Prepared Live

    Prepared Live is a web-based solution that enables Telecommunicators to text, collect GPS location, and collect multi-media from 911 Callers in real-time. 911 Callers can share emergency info with Telecommunicators via a web link, and do not have to download an app.

  • Prepared Live Enhanced

    Prepared Live Enhanced is the first paid tier of Prepared Live, offering 9-1-1 professionals additional tools to ensure that they can meet the needs of every caller as efficiently as the last, without adding more screens or onboarding new technology. Find new solutions for age-old challenges with Prepared Live Enhanced.

  • Prepared OnScene

    Prepared OnScene extends the lifesaving data collected by Prepared Live, including live video, photo, text, and GPS location, directly to field responders. All of this data is shared by 9-1-1 callers in real-time, ensuring responders enter the scene with a heightened level of situational awareness.

    By providing live video and other media from the caller, Prepared OnScene helps lift the caller's burden of description and instead provides you, the responder, with greater context, clarity, and certainty as you step on-scene.

  • Text-to-911

    Text-to-911 in the Prepared Live interface enables 9-1-1 centers to receive emergency texts in the same interface as outbound text and inbound non-emergency 10-digit text