ORock Technologies Storage

Secure Cloud Storage with NO Data Egress Fees

ORock provides simple, secure, and predictable cloud-based storage options on an OPEX basis, with outstanding price and performance on both Object and Block storage.

Experience government-grade data security, fast performance, instant accessibility, and affordable costs. ORock’s flat-rate billing model with no charge for data egress delivers significant savings over hyperscale cloud storage options.

  • Pricing Simplicity – Flat-rate and predictable storage pricing
  • No egress fees for data
  • Available storage types and performance tiers from Premium to Hot including Block and Object storage
  • No data retrieval costs; data is available and accessible with no additional charges
  • Integrated User Interface and robust APIs
  • Multi-tenant storage meets 325+ security controls and is contained within a Soc 2 Type II  datacenter
  • Built on latest generation of HPE storage technology
  • Inherits rich set of security capabilities (such as Silicon Root of Trust)

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