ORock Technologies Cloud Hosting

Compute, Storage, and Network for your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Strategy

At ORock Technologies, we designed and built our own cloud architecture from the ground up to meet the most stringent requirements for security, performance, cost predictability, and control.

ORock hosting solutions support a range of business requirements and use cases. Our highly-scalable Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) capabilities and fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud offerings support the hosting, storage, and processing of applications, backups, containers, databases, websites, and more.

Choose the Right Hosting Option

  • ORockCloud Hosting:  Secure multi-tenant cloud hosting for commercial organizations and U.S. government agencies (FedRAMP Moderate authorization)
  • ORock HighCloud:  A Government-Only Community Cloud for agencies that host the most sensitive Federal Unclassified Data (“FedRAMP Ready” at High Impact Level)

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